Infotel Announces New Product Release for Advanced InfoUnload for PostgreSQL, a High-Performance Utility for Enhanced Exporting of PostgreSQL Data

Tampa-based Infotel Corp. announces their latest software product, AIPG or Advanced InfoUnload for PostgreSQL, is now generally available direct to the U.S. market.

Infotel, a leading global software vendor of data performance and optimization, today announced the general availability of a new high-performance utility for unloading PostgreSQL data with enhanced metrics for the export operations. Advanced InfoUnload for PostgreSQL or AIPG, allows PostgreSQL data to be unloaded in a multitude of formats including XML, JSON, and delimited/non-delimited files. The newest product from Infotel expands the pg_dump unload utility to transfer data to any SQL and non-SQL repository including but not limited to Db2, Oracle, SQL Server, Hadoop, Amazon S3/Swift, MongoDB, flat files, and tape devices.

“AIPG addresses the need for an unload program that functions way beyond what you could do traditionally with the pg_dump utility,” said Carlos Almeida business analyst at Tampa, Florida-based Infotel Corp

According to, the object-relational database management system is the most advanced in the world with more than 30 years of active development touting its reliability and performance. PostgreSQL runs on Linux, UNIX and Windows. Infotel’s AIPG is a standalone utility program that performs bulk data exports of PostgreSQL databases. Designed for performance, AIPG is a multi-threaded application that can exploit all available system processors.

With AIPG, users can accomplish complete system migrations from one PostgreSQL instance to another and convert to a wide range of data types in an easy-to-use and familiar SELECT syntax.

Infotel’s AIPG features include: 

  • SQL query-based unload
  • Transfer to a distant server
  • Transfer to a different kind of server (NoSQL database)
  • Flat file format support (Json, XML, delimited file)
  • Multiple outputs

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Infotel Corp., based in Tampa, Florida, is a software vendor specializing in performance and optimization solutions for large databases. For more than 40 years, Infotel has delivered proven solutions to help clients improve their data management systems. For more information on Infotel Corp., please visit

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AIPG addresses the need for an unload program that functions way beyond what you could do traditionally with the pg_dump utility.