Infrasense Completes Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey of 135 Miles of Roadway in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Infrasense conducted a ground penetrating radar survey on over 400 roadways in the city of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. The survey resulted in continuous, high resolution subsurface pavement layer thickness data for a total of 135 miles of roadway.

Infrasense completed a non-destructive pavement thickness survey of 400 urban and rural roadways, totaling 135 miles of data, over 2 days, in the city of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. The survey provided the client with subsurface pavement structure data along the centerline of each roadway. The data collection was conducted at driving speed by a 2-person Infrasense team with no closures, no disruption to traffic, and zero impact to the integrity of the road.

The GPR pavement surveys are carried out according to ASTM D4748-10 using a single 1 GHz horn antenna and a SIR-30 control unit, both manufactured by GSSI in the United States. The resulting data shows a cross-sectional slice of the pavement strata at various offsets. Each slice includes the surface, and any material change in the first few feet below the surface. The GPR data is analyzed using Infrasense’s proprietary software and for this project the results included the layer thickness values in spreadsheet format along with corresponding GPS coordinates. The spreadsheet results were tied to Section ID to facilitate integration into the City’s pavement management system.

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