Infrasense Performed Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey on Pedestrian Bridge in Abington, Massachusetts

Infrasense conducted a non-destructive survey with ground-coupled GPR to report on a 300-ft long pedestrian bridge in Abington, Massachusetts. The project provided the client with a comprehensive set of condition results to program future bridge rehab and maintenance efforts, and rebar mark-outs to safely target coring locations.

Infrasense surveyed a local pedestrian bridge in Abington, MA using ground penetrating radar on the 300-foot long bridge deck. The goal of the testing was to mark-out the rebar at 9 coring locations and map the rebar depth and concrete condition throughout the bridge deck. The condition evaluation includes mapping areas of concrete deterioration which correspond with active corrosion and delamination. Testing was performed in a single day in early October.

The GPR data was collected using a 1500 MHz ground-coupled antenna system, and a SIR 4000 control unit, both manufactured by GSSI in the United States. The resulting GPR data showed a cross-sectional slice of the bridge deck at various offsets. Each slice included layers of the top and bottom of the deck, as well as the top and bottom mats of reinforcing steel. The amplitudes and depths of these layers were calculated to produce quantities and maps of concrete condition and rebar cover. The maps were provided in both PDF and CADD compatible formats.

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