ISO9001:2015 Accreditation achieved by Microbiology International for ready-to-use microbiology media, including MediaBox™.

Microbiology International is pleased to announce that is has been accredited to the ISO9001:2015 International Quality Standard by the Performance Review Institute (PRI).

The scope of the quality system covers the “Manufacture of Prepared Media for the Microbiological Community”.

Microbiology International currently manufactures ready-to-use culture broth and buffers in its proprietary MediaBox™ format, bottles & test tubes. The company also offers pre-poured agar plates & liquid supplements.

This major step underpins the company’s philosophy of offering the highest quality equipment and consumables to Microbiology Laboratories across the United States and Canada.

Microbiology International was formed in 1997 to provide the best microbiology automation from around the world to the modern laboratory. Our equipment quickly automates tedious, manual lab processes and when combined with our ability to provide customized culture media products, and pathogen ID kits, we are able to make your laboratory as efficient as possible. In short, we offer our clients the total lab solution.