Ivey Engineering Awards $1,000 Scholarship to University of Virginia Sophomore Max Barte

Barte is IEI’s summer 2019 scholarship winner. His winning essay discussed five tips for designing an energy-efficiency building.

Ivey Engineering, Inc., (IEI), an engineering consulting firm, congratulates Max Barte of Vienna, Virginia, as the winner of the summer 2019 bi-annual scholarship essay contest. He is currently a sophomore at the University of Virginia.

Barte, who has lived overseas most of his life, is majoring in economics and hopes to understand better how the housing and financial markets in the United States work from the perspective of stakeholders such as renters, homeowners, landlords and local governments.

Barte sees himself practicing law in the next 10 years. “I hope to improve the economic condition of disadvantaged groups through housing policy,” he says.

Barte competed with over 100 other college students from the United States and Canada. Applicants were tasked to write an 800- to 1,000-word essay on one of three topics and were judged on creativity and originality.

Barte’s winning essay discussed several unique ways to incorporate energy efficiency into a building. One tip he mentions in his essay is designing a building with strong seals and insulation.

“The U.S. Department of Energy has found that reducing air leaks out of a home or building can improve health, comfort and spending on heating and cooling,” Barte explains in his essay.

“While it can significantly reduce energy costs to caulk and weather strip a building, the biggest savings come from designing buildings with airtight, durable seals around windows to maximize energy efficiency from the beginning,” he says.


“Max’s essay was informative, well written and contained original ideas on energy efficiency,” says Scott Friesen, president of IEI. “You can tell he spent some time doing research from the quality of his essay,” he says.

IEI understands how valuable a college education is and also the expense that goes along with it. The scholarship contest is a win for both IEI and the student, since it allows the firm to give back to the community.

Any potential or current college or university undergraduate student within the United States or Canada is able to apply. The next deadline for essays to be submitted is Nov.1, 2019. For contest requirements or for more information about the scholarship, visit IEI’s scholarship web page.

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image of IEI's scholarship winner Max Barte

Max Barte is IEI’s summer 2019 scholarship winner.

I hope to improve the economic condition of disadvantaged groups through housing policy.