Kaleidoscope Innovation Announces Addition of State-of-the-Art Usability Labs to Their Cincinnati-Based Product Development Facility

Kaleidoscope’s new labs offer clients a more efficient way to collect and incorporate high-quality user feedback throughout the product development process.

To further support their commitment to user-centered product development, Kaleidoscope Innovation has upgraded their Cincinnati innovation space to now include advanced usability labs. The initiative was led by Valerie Fenster, Kaleidoscope’s Director of Insights and Human Factors and a highly regarded expert in her field. The labs were designed to better serve Kaleidoscope’s clients, who are increasingly seeking insights to enhance the usability of their products.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, customers demand products that are not only safe and effective, but also intuitive and aesthetically pleasing,” said Fenster. “We created these advanced and fully outfitted usability labs to provide our clients with convenient, cost-effective and flexible spaces to collect meaningful data.”

Usability testing at Kaleidoscope can be conducted in any of three experience rooms equipped with remotely operated pan-tilt-zoom cameras and microphones, where researchers can gain a bird’s-eye view as well as study user interactions up close. Kaleidoscope also acquired eye-tracking technology to better understand a user’s perspective and visual attention. Further, Kaleidoscope provides researchers and clients access to observation rooms with high-fidelity monitoring equipment and live streaming video for remote viewing. Kaleidoscope also built a portable lab for offsite use.

According to CEO of Kaleidoscope Innovation Matt Kornau, “We don’t know of any in-house usability labs like this in the area. We spared no expense, building a research facility that is superior to what can be found in most centers. We fully anticipate that this will help our business partners achieve their goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

“Our location in the heart of the Midwest offers our clients access to a vast cross-section of users with whom to conduct research,” added Fenster. “Also, when using an in-house lab, we can often save our clients travel time, shipping costs and set-up hassles.”

Another benefit of Kaleidoscope’s in-house usability labs is the efficient integration with their broader team of innovation experts. Kaleidoscope is comprised of a 125-plus-member team of engineers, designers, researchers, human factors professionals, clinicians, software developers, animators and project managers who can engage in research as needed.

The usability labs are housed within Kaleidoscope’s 28,000-square foot innovation facility with access to the company’s other labs, including an in-house wet lab, virtual reality lab, electro-mechanical lab, testing lab, 3D printing lab and new advanced prototyping shop to support real-time iteration of concepts.


As a part of their continued growth, Kaleidoscope Innovation is proud to offer more services to support their clients. Looking ahead, Kaleidoscope will host an open house in 2020 for their business partners and community members to meet the growing team and tour the usability and prototyping labs.

About Kaleidoscope Innovation 
Kaleidoscope Innovation is a full-service product development firm innovating across medical, consumer and industrial markets. For over 30 years clients have partnered with Kaleidoscope to improve the human experience. Offering both consultancy-style and onsite services, they provide a full breadth of disciplines to meet their partners where needed, including: Insights & Human Factors, Medical Affairs, Industrial Design & User Experience, Engineering, Visualization and Software Development. 

Kaleidoscope Advanced Usability Labs

Customers demand products that are not only safe and effective, but also intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.