Kirby Lester KL-SR Secure Robot For Retail Pharmacy Prescription Dispensing

Kirby Lester, pharmacy automation by Capsa Healthcare, announces the KL-SR, a breakthrough technology for prescription filling in busy community pharmacies

Capsa Healthcare announces the release of the new Kirby Lester KL-SR secure robotic dispenser for busy retail and hospital outpatient pharmacies. The KL-SR offers breakthrough pharmacy dispensing innovations – it efficiently manages the filling of a pharmacy’s most common medications via newly designed universal cassettes that require no technician calibration. Thus, there is virtually no chance for human error when changing the medication in the cassette.

“The KL-SR is essentially the first new vial-filling robot in more than a decade. Every other robot before has been incremental improvements, but the KL-SR is a market-changer,” says Christopher Thomsen, VP of Business Development, Pharmacy Automation. “Everything from the new auto-calibrating cassette design, new printer, new locking cassettes, the KL-SR is what our pharmacy customers tell us they’ve been waiting for.”

The KL-SR automates 108 high-moving tablets or capsules (50% or more of daily prescriptions) via locked cassettes. With a dramatic labor and cost savings plus heightened security, the pharmacy staff is freed up to focus on value-added, patient-centric activity.

The KL-SR is the eighth new product launch in a decade for the pioneering Kirby Lester brand. It uses digital image processing technology to auto-calibrate cassettes on the device, with no human manual adjustments, no recalibration ever, and no need to order new cassettes. All cassettes can be calibrated to a new NDC onsite, on demand, and anytime. The medication database contains precise measurements for common NDCs, and your cassette will auto-adjust while docked in the Cassette Station.

KL-SR unique features include: 

  • Auto-calibration of the 108 cassettes through digital image processing technology that calculates detailed measurements. New pill dimensions are saved in the system’s database.
  • Locked cassettes and user tracking for greater control against diversion concerns.
  • Exclusive FillSafe™ security system prevents filling from a cassette whose refill or return-to-stock was not authorized by a pharmacist.
  • Midsized footprint fits most pharmacies (just 67”D).
  • Standard 110v power; no special wiring, floor supports or compressed air are needed.
  • Capsa is ISO 27001:2013 certified, meeting the highest standards for cyber-security and HIPAA compliance.

The Kirby Lester KL-SR will be featured at the upcoming NACDS Total Store Expo (Aug. 24-26, Boston, MA). For more information, visit

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KL-SR Secure Robot

Every other pharmacy robot before has been incremental improvements, but the KL-SR is a market-changer.