KOY Gear Add Shirts and Socks to Their ‘Invisible Technical’ Product Offering to Challenge Menswear Norms

KOY Gear, makers of invisible technical apparel create two new industry leading products through material innovations. By creating shirts and socks with a versatile array of technical benefits, KOY Gear looks to build clothing for men that never compromises.

KOY Gear Inc., makers of the “World’s Most Breathable, Odourless Underwear,” announced on September 17, 2019 the latest addition of Socks and T-shirts to their ‘Invisible Technical’ product line. Twenty-four hours later, the project had already reached 100% of its goal and continued to climb into the second week as they worked towards adding additional colours to the reward offering by way of stretch goals. The following week KOY Gear more than doubled their goal raising over $35 000 in Kickstarter pledges. By ‘invisibly’ integrating high end technical performance with thoughtful and simplistic style, KOY Gear (KG) has created two revolutionary new products that are sure to Defy Expectations. Designed right from the thread, KG clothing enhances even the simplest experience of wearing shirts and socks.

The KG Socks provide scientifically enhanced odour resistance, through an advanced silver ionization treatment. A unique honeycomb padding offers improved support and increased breathability. These features are combined with a super soft material for all day comfort.

The KG Shirts deliver lab tested stain and odour resistance, 4 way stretch and inner hyper-absorption to wick moisture away from the skin. Where competitors have failed to unite these features, KG has worked with strategic partners around the world to make it a reality.

In order to make this a reality, KG is running a follow up Kickstarter campaign to acquire the funds to manufacture these highly technical products. The end goal: to inspire conscious consumption and reduce the market demand for fast fashion by replacing volumes of cheaply made clothes with a few quality, made-to-last products.

KG Sock Details: 

  • Includes an advanced silver ionization treatment that kills bacteria and effectively kills odours at its source.
  • Features a unique Honeycomb padding that creates modular pads, allowing moisture and heat to escape through air channels, offering comfort and support, without compromising airflow.
  • Manufactured with blend of ultra-fine acrylic fibre, combed cotton, nylon, and bamboo, for an extra soft feel and absorbency.

KG Shirt Details: 

  • Features a state of the art three-in-one treatment, combining silver ionization, hydro-repellent exterior and an inner hyper-absorption treatment. The unprecedented combination of these treatments results in a stain resistant, anti-bacterial, odourless, sweat-wicking, breathable shirt.
  • Combined with high-grade combed cotton, modal and elastane manufactured into an optimal weave, offers an unparalleled comfort for everyday use.

View the Kickstarter here: koygear.com/Kickstarter to learn more. Following the campaign’s completion, customers can pre-order the products at a discounted rate while KOY Gear goes into production.


More Information: 
As a small business run by young entrepreneurs, KOY Gear faced the same challenge that every startup does when looking to compete with large brands: financing and establishing a base of customers. KOY Gear had built prototypes of a highly technical Silver Fibre Men’s Boxer Brief and used the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to bring it to life. This campaign tripled its $10,000 goal and served as a validation of KG’s design and manufacture philosophies in the market.

Kickstarter also provided a unique value proposition. It allowed KG to leverage a sizeable group of committed backers as a focus group to build them enhanced clothing that truly addressed their pain points.

KOY Gear’s tagline is ‘Defy Expectations’ – a statement with a dual meaning. 1) Speaking to KG’s underlying operating belief to surpass customer expectations and 2) the belief that its clothing can help empower customers to challenge their own limitations.

Additionally, the Toronto based startup was received into the Fashion Zone Incubator and the Ontario Centres of Excellence. KOY Gear’s performance was amplified from local startup incubators which provided resources and extended networks for partnerships and expertise across the industry.

About KOY Gear Inc. 
Founded in early 2018, KOY Gear (KG) is committed to using real scientific and innovative manufacturing technologies combined with thoughtful design and simplistic style to deliver menswear that is fundamentally better. KG’s design philosophy revolves around identifying true pain points and then using advanced technical solutions to develop clothing that empowers its customers for their dynamic lifestyles. Integral to their manufacturing philosophy, KG aims to make intentional and informed decisions to contribute to a culture of conscious consumption, while educating customers about this culture and providing conscious clothing choices.

Instagram: @koygear 
Facebook: facebook.com/koygear

KOY Gear Value Prop

I gave the antimicrobial features a rather unconventional … yet unsurprisingly impressive test. After wearing a KG shirt around Toronto for 10 consecutive days, I asked various different people to smell my gear. Expectedly, the material innovations worked as intended- KG Co Founder Patrick Li