LabArchives releases Vernier experiments within the Lab Builder course content library

Easily accessible and customizable scientific experiments for laboratory courses are available in LabArchives.

LabArchives, the leading digital lab notebook for course instruction and for research, offers instructors access to Lab Builder, a library of curated, proven and customizable course content. Lab Builder now contains Vernier experiments in addition to existing course packs, assignments and projects.

Vernier offers industry leading tools and content for scientific course instruction. The Vernier experiments library includes hundreds of well tested, ready-to-use experiments designed to help instructors achieve teaching and learning objectives. Vernier experiments included in the Lab Builder content library cover topics such as:

Human Physiology – Biology – Chemistry – Physics – Engineering – Environmental Science 
More experiments in additional topics are in development.

With Lab Builder content and Vernier experiments, instructors can quickly create, customize and teach proven lab courses within LabArchives. Like all Lab Builder content, Vernier experiments are fully adaptable to different lab setups, equipment and objectives. In just a few minutes, instructors can access this content, customize it for their needs and begin to teach their course. Lab Builder content empowers instructors and makes it easy to provide students with truly authentic learning experiences.

Vernier experiments and cutting-edge solutions promote the development of proficient bench skills and prepare students for professional research. These well-tested experiments feature the latest and greatest data analysis software, equipment and curriculum.

The LabArchives digital lab notebook platform in conjunction with the Lab Builder course content library and Vernier experiments provide a comprehensive, authentic course experience to prepare students to succeed in ‘real world’ laboratory settings. Vernier experiments within Lab Builder can be used with Vernier’s Go Direct Sensors and Graphical Analysis 4.

About Vernier 
Vernier aims to inspire scientific curiosity in students around the globe. Their suite of pioneering technologies increase student learning and support science educators as they collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data. Designed specifically for education and held to high standards for quality, Vernier technology is built to be durable. It is supported by active, hands-on experiments and teacher-friendly technical support.


About LabArchives 
LabArchives is a SaaS application platform dedicated to better science. Used in research labs and higher education laboratory courses, LabArchives products are used by more than 400,000 scientists and academic users to store, organize, share and publish laboratory data. LabArchives Education has been used in 7,200 lab courses by 270,000 students. More than 400 of the world’s leading research institutions trust LabArchives for research data management, collection and research compliance. For more information, visit or see us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.