Labcompare Introduces Lab Intelligence: Sample Handling Content Hub

Sample handling procedures are critical for the accuracy and precision of your results, yet it is still one of the most common sources of error in a lab. This hub provides key resources to reduce tedium and error in your sample handling procedures, ensuring the security and quality of your lab.

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Lab Intelligence: Sample Handling is the newly added content hub designed to give critical insights on securing the accuracy and precision of your results by optimizing your sample handling procedures. By incorporating these protocols, researchers will ensure the efficiency and quality of their Lab.

The most common sources of error in a lab stem from sample handling. It is paramount that researchers, and their team members, know and familiarize with industry best practices. Included in the content hub is a guide to laboratory weighing and an extensive analysis of analytical balances. Additionally, the impact of weighing accuracy and data integrity in forensic drug analysis is discussed.

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Labcompare launches Lab Intelligence: Sample Handling

Labcompare launches Lab Intelligence: Sample Handling

In spite of sample handling’s importance and ubiquity, it is still one of the most common sources of error in a lab due to the repetitive nature of the work.