LabRoots Announces Neuroscience 2020 Virtual Conference to Promote Research Worldwide and The NIH BRAIN Initiative

Marking its 8th year, advanced research and techniques for treatment of neurological disorders and diseases will be presented on March 11th

LabRoots, the leading scientific social networking website offering premier, interactive virtual events and webinars, will be hosting approximately 15,000 neuroscience researchers, clinicians, and scientists from around the globe who are dedicated to understanding the brain and nervous system. The annual, free Neuroscience Virtual Event will capture emerging developments in Neuroscience and the impact brain research has on society, together with the latest innovations.

With nearly 70 speakers, including two stellar keynote deliveries, 15 on-demand discussions, and 13 panels, Neuroscience 2020 showcases an extremely comprehensive program supported by the organizing committee of renowned academia and industry experts, The NIH BRAIN team, and dedicated sponsors.

Featuring neural circuit and behavior dynamics, cell diversity, tool and technology development, advancing human neuroscience: basic to clinical projects, and neuroethics presented by early career scientists diverse in background, The NIH BRAIN Initiative session will preview “a multidisciplinary approach to neuroscience.” The agenda also highlights the scourge of neurodegenerative diseases and dementia, and behavioral and psychiatric disorders to expand on the all-encompassing theme of the conference – brain function in health and disease.

This year’s agenda commences with a keynote academia speaker, Dario Alessi, FRS FMedSci FRSE, Director, Professor of Signal Transduction at University of Dundee, describing the nuts and bolts of the LRRK2 signaling pathway and how it is linked to Parkinson’s Disease, and new approaches that could be exploited to better diagnose the disease. Following, Dr. Walter Koroshetz, Director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke who played a significant role in the revolution in acute stroke care in the US and the growth of the neurointensive care field, will deliver a keynote presentation on The BRAIN Initiative and its promise for new Neurotechnologies to more effectively diagnose and treat neuro/mental/substance abuse disorders.

The featured notable speakers cover many significant areas of Neuroscience including open science and data sharing for behavioral neuroscience, understanding the pitfalls and advantages of cognitive testing in mouse models of disease, deciphering the spreading of neuropathologies in neuronal circuits using a high capacity microfluidics platform, and learning about a protein that is a potential key player in neurodegeneration and aging, and much more.

“This year’s Brain Initiative track will showcase the power of combining diverse expertise and teamwork in tackling some of the most challenging areas of contemporary neuroscience research,” commented Karen K. David, Ph.D., Program Director, BRAIN Initiative. “We are excited to feature through LabRoots the breadth of expertise of our early-career scientists and representative collaborative projects that tackle the circuit basis of behavior, cell diversity, resource development, and human neuroscience. Through Labroots’ virtual environment, we are able to feature the team neuroscience approach that can often be difficult to showcase through usual channels including conferences.”

“Progressing at a remarkable pace, Neuroscience is one of the most exciting fields of biomedical research and our interactive forum continues to lead our mission in sharing cutting-edge science on a global front,” said Greg Cruikshank, Chief Executive Officer of LabRoots. “We look forward to deepening the knowledge through valuable discussions, as the research of the human brain continues to evolve.”


Produced on LabRoots’ robust platform, this online environment with exhibit and poster halls, and networking lounge allows attendees to connect seamlessly across all desktop and mobile devices. By participating in this event, Continuing Education credit (1 per presentation) can be earned for a maximum of 40 credits.

For more information or to register for the event, click here. Participants can follow the conversation online by using #LRneuro.

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