LabRoots’ Genetics Virtual Week Announces Three-Day Agenda for 2020 Event, Dedicated to Advancing Best Practices in Genomics, Molecular Diagnostics and Precision Medicine

GVW’s mission is to bring together innovators across healthcare and biomedical sectors to showcase content accelerating therapeutic, diagnostic and technology approaches to improve patient health

LabRoots, the leading scientific social networking website offering premier, interactive virtual events and webinars, continues to provide cutting-edge research and findings about the latest developments in genomics and personalized medicine. To be held, April 21-23, Genetics Virtual Week will feature more than 25 educational, scientific discussions, including 3 keynote deliveries on emerging areas explored by those at the forefront in healthcare today.

The Tri-Topic program unites thought leaders, research scholars, clinicians, top scientists, and industry and academic professionals throughout pharma and biotech fields on a global front and remains as one of the key meetings covering trends, research breakthroughs and best practice examples to transform the understanding of health and disease. Back to back separate events over 7 years including Genetics & Genomics, Precision Medicine, and Molecular Diagnostics paved the way to launch, “Genetics Virtual Week,” first of its kind in LabRoots’ virtual event offerings. Unveiling a new look spanning three days with three core focuses, sessions comprise: 

  • Genome Editing
  • The Evolution of Genome Reference Concepts
  • Single Cell and Spatial Genomics
  • Structural Variation
  • Rare Disease in Precision Medicine
  • Precision Medicine in Clinic
  • Molecular Profiling – from Bench to Bedside
  • Emerging Technologies in Molecular Diagnostics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Kicking off GVW, the multi-day content-rich agenda offers over eight presentations in the area of Genomics. Key leaders will explore long HiFi Reads for High-Quality Genome Assemblies, Spatially Resolved Molecular Investigations of Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Single Cell Gene Expression: New Insights Through the Lens of Full Length MRNA Isoform Resolution, Single Cell Multi-Omics: Solving the Jigsaw, SNV’s to Large Structural Variation: Capturing Nucleotide Through Inter-Chromosomal Variants Through a Powerful Three-Dimensional Data Type, Latest Genome Editing Techniques and Applications, to name some of the talks. Top experts addressing the Rapid Diagnosis of Complex Rare Disease Cases Using Exome Sequencing, Clinical Evidence to Improve the Diagnosis of Rare Diseases, Clinical Applications of Estrogen Metabolism Genetic Testing, Population Health and Genetic Testing, RNA-Seq for the Detection of Gene Fusions in Tumors, Nanotherapeutics: An Insight Into Healthcare and Future Mulit-Dimensional Clinical Applications, and Leveraging Genetic Evidence Throughout the Pharma Pipeline, help round out the Precision Medicine topic with over ten discussions on the latest approaches to better health. Advantages of Digital PCR and its applications – the power of partitioning, in addition to how Biology-gated Transistors can be used for diagnostic purposes are couple of presentations shared under emerging technologies in Molecular Diagnostics.

In addition to an unprecedented lineup each sharing his or her unique insights, you will hear compelling keynote deliveries by: 

  • Michael Snyder, PhD, Stanford Ascherman Professor, Chair of Genetics Director of the Center of Genomics and Personalized Medicine: “Individualized Health” – What is Wrong with Healthcare Today.
  • David Smith, PhD, Professor and Consultant, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Mayo Clinic: “The Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) Revolution.”
  • Kris Wood, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke University: “Systematic Identification of Therapeutic Strategies that Leverage Tumor Evolution.”

“We want to transform the way healthcare is performed and bring it into the 21st century using advanced technologies, such as omics, wearables, and big data,” said Michael Snyder, Stanford Ascherman Professor, Chair of Genetics Director of the Center of Genomics and Personalized Medicine. “LabRoots’ platform provides a great way to showcase our current scientific understandings and new breakthroughs in the industry, especially in a time of pandemic like we are in.”

“We continue to make significant milestones in the online conference industry, where we have dedicated over 11 years to exploring the latest discoveries and contributing to the advancement of science,” said Greg Cruikshank, Chief Executive Officer of LabRoots. “We are thrilled to bring Genetics Virtual Week to the scientific community, so attendees can learn and connect with others in the fields of Genomics, Molecular Diagnostics, and Precision Medicine while gaining insights about transforming patient care and outcomes.”

Produced on LabRoots’ robust platform, this online environment with auditorium, exhibit and poster halls, and networking lounge all under one roof allows attendees to connect seamlessly across all desktop and mobile devices. By participating in this event, you can earn 1 Continuing Education credit per presentation for a maximum of 50 credits. This event will also provide PACE credits for clinical laboratorians, and CEU’s for Genetic Counselors, pending approval by the NSGC.


For more information or to register for the event, click here. Participants can follow the conversation online by using #LRgenetics.

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