Lack of Public Transportation in Philippines

Vice-Chair, Committee on Justice
Member, Committee on Transportation
One of House Authors, (RA 11469) Bayanihan to Heal As One Act
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[Let more PUJs operate in Bicol and other regions where there is lack of public transport; guidelines on the motorcycle backride will be announced soon]

I thank the Department of Transportation and IATF for including my suggestions on measures for public transportation such as the use of QR codes, contact tracing of passengers, contactless fare payment, and safety protocols.

I look forward to a formal decision soon on allowing motorcycle backriding passengers for relatives and household members of motorcycle drivers.

I understand why and how the DOTr is proceeding with cautious and calibrated opening up of public transport. I have seen the improvements being done along EDSA.

The PUB and PUJ franchise route system in Metro Manila must be overhauled. Some local roads in NCR should have one-way traffic. Some local roads should be for PUJs only, others for tricycles, others for bicycles, and others for private vehicles.

There should be more jeepneys plying routes in Bicol, Central Luzon, Cagayan Valley region, and the Ilocos region.


More buses are needed on routes that go through Espana, Andres Bonifacio, Taft Avenue, Roxas Boulevard, Novaliches, and Libis, among others.

Give the long routes to the buses. Limit the jeepneys to shorter routes, mostly within the 4-kilometers basic route. More PUJs are needed on roads that intersect with light rail stations. Let the registered tricycles take the routes that lead to and from public markets.

Electronic money methods and exact cash fare must become the norm for all PUJs, tricycles, and buses.

Lastly, I am very concerned about the personal hygiene measures of public transport drivers. If they fail to practice proper hygiene, the risk of COVID-19 transmission increases, endangering passengers and the families of the PUV drivers.

Local governments must exert extra effort to provide PUV drivers with personal hygiene kits, hand washing stations, portable toilets, and laundry and bathing facilities near or at their transport terminals. (END) –