Lumerical Partners with Key Photonics Ecosystem Players to Host Online Tech Day

More than a dozen global ecosystem events and two design challenges

In support of customers and partners that had planned to see Lumerical at OFC or are unable to attend themselves, Lumerical will present an Online Tech Day on Friday, March 13th showcasing the latest photonic simulation technology and joint solutions with key ecosystem players. Over a dozen leading ecosystem players will participate providing demonstrations and talks highlighting their joint activities with Lumerical. In addition, Lumerical will host two engaging design challenges online over the course of the day.

Lumerical Tech Day offers four online channels throughout the day: 

  • Lumerical Demo Channel: Ecosystem demonstrations on the half hour
  • Q&A Channel: Interactive Q&A sessions following demos
  • Lumerical Ecosystem Expert Channel: Ecosystem players host ‘office hours’ – drop in!
  • Lumerical Design Challenge Channel: Live results of the Lumerical Photonic Inverse Design Challenge

Ashkan Seyedi, Senior Research Scientist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), said “Silicon photonics technology is rapidly becoming commercialized at volume foundries. Support of this movement requires the development of a strong ecosystem. The momentum that will be demonstrated during Lumerical Online Tech Day and the commercial solution for automated wafer testing enabled by partnerships HPE has built – is a signal that this development is underway.”

Participating ecosystem players include EDA and Photonic Design Automation vendors Cadence, Mentor, a Siemens business and Luceda Photonics, photonic foundries AIM, AMF, CompoundTek, SMART Photonics, HHI, LIGENTEC, Tower Semiconductor, photonics technology companies Analog Photonics, and HPE, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We at CompoundTek have been working very closely with Lumerical in building our silicon photonics ecosystem. It is great to see Lumerical Online Tech Day bringing together the individual components in streamlining a tangible design flow for silicon photonics and we will continue to work together with Lumerical to accelerate SiPh adoption and enable our customers the fastest route to tape-out success,” said KS Ang, Chief Operating Officer, CompoundTek.

Luceda Photonics CEO Erwin De Baetselier, said, “Luceda Photonics and Lumerical offer a seamless Python-based flow including layout, physical simulation and circuit simulation. The fact that design teams are starting to use automation across the complete design flow while targeting diverse materials systems and foundries is proof that the design ecosystem is maturing.”

“Looking back at the last decade, photonic integration made tremendous leaps. Moving into the coming decade, we will require not only excellent software tools but also new ways of thinking and collaborating across the ecosystem to cope with the vast complexity of today’s technologies. To this end, we greatly appreciate Lumerical Tech Day,” said Moritz Baier, Head of InP Foundry Group at Fraunhofer HHI.


Lumerical CTO James Pond stated, “With our focus on PIC, it is clear to us that to deliver a complete solution we need to work closely with the key players in the photonic ecosystem. We are grateful to all the companies that we are cooperating with and especially those that are participating with us in Lumerical Online Tech Day.”

Throughout Lumerical Online Tech Day, Lumerical will demonstrate the latest solutions on the Lumerical Demo Channel with these key ecosystem players:

Time*    Session 
08:00    Photonic Inverse Design Challenge Launch 
08:30    HPE 
09:00    Focus on Lasers 
09:30    Photonic Inverse Design 
10:00    Statistical Analysis and CML Compiler 
10:30    Cadence 
11:00    SMART Photonics 
11:30    HHI Fraunhofer 
12:00    LIGENTEC 
12:30    Luceda 
13:00    lunch break 
13:30    AIM Photonics /Analog Photonics 
14:00    Tower Semiconductor 
14:30    Zemax 
15:00    Expert Sessions 
16:30    Design Challenge Results & Wrap Up 
17:00    AMF 
17:30    CompoundTek + Cadence + Mentor 
18:30    Conclusion 
*schedule subject to change

In addition, Lumerical will host an online Inverse Design Challenge. Participants can apply their best parameters to a preselected design via a simple web interface, and view real time results on the Lumerical Design Challenge Channel’s online leaderboard.

In parallel, Lumerical engineers will push photonic inverse design to the limit with the Lumerical Best-in-Class design challenge. Lumerical engineers will utilize the power of photonic inverse design running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) in an attempt to create a design that exceeds the best published Figures of Merit for a functionally equivalent design.

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About Lumerical 
Lumerical develops photonic simulation software – tools which enable product designers to understand light, and predict how it behaves within complex structures, circuits, and systems. Since being founded in 2003, Lumerical has grown to license its design tools in over 50 countries and its customers include 13 of the top 15 technology companies in the FORTUNE Global 500 index, and 47 of the top 50 research universities as rated by the Times Higher Education rankings. Lumerical’s substantial impact on the photonic design and simulation community means its tools are among the most widely cited in the scientific press, with references in more than 14,000 scientific publications and patents. Lumerical enables its customers to achieve more with light and establish a leading position in the development of transformative technologies employing photonics.

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Moving into the coming decade, we will require not only excellent software tools but also new ways of thinking and collaborating across the ecosystem to cope with the vast complexity of today’s technologies. To this end, we greatly appreciate Lumerical Tech Day