Lymphedema Patient Finds Relief Through Surgical Treatment Option

For patients suffering from lymphedema symptoms, surgical treatment options provided at PRMA Plastic Surgery could provide life changing relief.

PRMA Plastic Surgery continues to expand on their mission of rebuilding lives after breast cancer by offering patients today’s most advanced surgical treatment options for lymphedema.

For patients who have undergone breast cancer surgery and/or radiation treatment, upper extremity lymphedema is a possible complication that occurs in about 1 in every 5 breast cancer patients. Symptoms of lymphedema can be debilitating and can include: 

  • Swelling in arms, hands, fingers, shoulders or chest
  • A feeling of heaviness or tightness
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Aching or pain
  • Decreased flexibility in the hand or wrist
  • Hardening and thickening of the skin on your arm

For many with lymphedema, therapy and compression garments are used to help manage the symptoms but may not be enough. Now, two surgical lymphedema treatment procedures are offered at PRMA providing patients hope for better quality of life—lymphatic-to-vascular anastomosis (“LVA” hook-up) and vascularized lymph node transfer. Both procedures have been shown to significantly improve or even eliminate the symptoms associate with lymphedema.

Diagnosed with lymphedema in August of 2018, Sonya became “very discourage” after being told by her lymphedema therapist that therapy was her only option to help reduce her symptoms. She began searching on the internet for a better solution when she came across a live video streaming on Facebook with Dr. Ramon Garza from PRMA. That is where she learned about her surgical treatment options.

“I had the LVA procedure,” shares Sonya. “The surgery was easy and painless. I now no longer feel pulling or tightness in my arm and the swelling has definitely subsided. The surgery has given me a new respect of how amazing the body is and how amazing Dr. Garza is at what he does. He has given me the ability to not have to wear a compression sleeve every day and not have to deal with the swelling.”

“Providing a sense of restored wholeness for my patients following a breast cancer diagnosis is the best part about my job,” shares PRMA plastic surgeon Dr. Ramon Garza. “At PRMA, we strive to always provide our patients the best care. Whether that be through breast reconstruction (including today’s advanced, natural implant-alternative options), restoring breast sensation following a mastectomy or through surgical treatment for lymphedema.”

For more information on the surgical treatment options for lymphedema, contact PRMA Plastic Surgery at 800.692.5565.


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PRMA Plastic Surgery microsurgeons performing lymphedema surgery.

PRMA Plastic Surgery microsurgeons performing lymphedema surgery.

I now no longer feel pulling or tightness in my arm and the swelling has definitely subsided.