MasterControl’s Latest Software Release Increases Efficiencies and Ease of Use for Life Sciences Companies

In version 2020.1, Okta authentication and cloud tagging are two highlight features.

MasterControl, a global provider of software solutions for life sciences and other regulated industries, today announced the latest updates to the MasterControl Platform. This release, version 2020.1, is available to the company’s cloud customers that update quarterly.

Many of these updates aim at providing improved user experience, enhanced integrations and better security. Most notably: 

  • Platform Enhancement: Okta authentication and security enhancements

All cloud users on the MasterControl platform are now authenticated using Okta. There are also new user profiles which designate password policy and security requirements for users. This enhancement delivers improved accessibility, identity management, security and interoperability across the platform – including in MasterControl’s Quality Excellence solution which has been the gold standard for quality management systems (QMS) for over 20 years.

  • Solution Enhancement: Cloud tagging for manufacturing

This feature lets Manufacturing Excellence solution users tag phase steps with customizable labels. The data entered into those steps and the tag can be retrieved and used by another system, eliminating the need for manual data entry and keeping disparate systems in sync. The functionality will automatically deprecate the amount of materials used in a production run. It can also update the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with the expiration date of the product.

These are far from the only features in this update. According to Matt Lowe, president of labs at MasterControl, “Every product release contains features suggested by our customers. In some cases, these suggestions come via one of our Hackathons, but most of them come from UserVoice. Our customers are a great source of ideas to improve the software and our goal is to give them the features they need to make their jobs easier.”

One example of a new feature is when users delete a form attachment, they will now be asked to confirm that they want to delete the attachment. This will result in fewer attachments being unintentionally deleted. Customer requested features for the MasterControl Platform are typically focused on making the user experience more convenient and seamless – so they can focus bringing their life changing products to market sooner.

About MasterControl 
MasterControl Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based quality and compliance software for life sciences and other regulated industries. Our mission is the same as that of our customers – to bring life-changing products to more people sooner. The MasterControl Platform helps organizations digitize, automate and connect quality and compliance processes across the regulated product development life cycle. Over 1,000 companies worldwide rely on MasterControl solutions to achieve new levels of operational excellence across product development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, quality management, supply chain, manufacturing and postmarket surveillance. For more information, visit


“Every product release contains features suggested by our customers,” said Matt Lowe, president of labs at MasterControl.