Meridian Idaho Integrated Medical Clinic Offers New Breakthrough Solution for Those Suffering from Neuropathy

Align Integrated Medical Clinic in Meridian, Idaho now provides a long term solution for those struggling with neuropathy.

Align Integrated Medical is now providing an incredible breakthrough approach to helping provide a long-term solution for those suffering from neuropathy.

For those who have neuropathy, they understand how debilitating it can be. Neuropathy is a disorder of the peripheral nervous system, the nerves travel into the arms, legs, hands and feet. It can be caused by a number of things including diabetes, chemotherapy and other toxic exposures. When nerves become damaged the result is a wide range of different symptoms including: numbness & tingling, burning, stabbing or electrical pain, difficulty walking or balancing, and more.

Until recently, most people simply thought that your only options were prescription medications or other, more invasive procedures.

However, the doctors at Align Integrated Medical are here to share with their community that there is in fact a better, safer and far more effective approach to helping people with neuropathy. This approach doesn’t involve drugs.

Dr. Chad Woolner, a board certified chiropractic physician and the owner of Align Integrated Medical said “The simple fact is that the body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. It is completely capable of healing itself, if we provide it with the things that it needs.”

The problem is that certain things we do or don’t do can interfere with our body’s ability to take care of itself. Things like poor diet, old injuries, inflammation and other imbalances can hinder our ability to heal and recover.

The team at Align Integrated Medical utilize a proven 4-pillar strategy to assist people with neuropathy and help their bodies to begin to heal themselves.


This 4-part system is comprised of:

Pillar #1: Low Level Light Therapy 
There is a tremendous amount of research showing that certain specific frequencies of light can help improve blood flow throughout the body, reduce pain and inflammation, and even help nerves begin to heal and regenerate.

Pillar #2: Nerve Re-Activation 
By using a combination of specific tools and exercises we can actually begin to “re-awaken” the nerves and help to reestablish proper communication between the brain and the body.

Pillar #3: Nitric Oxide Production 
Nitric oxide is a special molecule in the body that helps to open blood vessels and increase circulation in the body. Researchers in the 1990’s actually won the nobel prize for their research on nitric oxide. We use state of the art technology to help increase nitric oxide production. By boosting nitric oxide levels in the body we are able to help improve circulation to the arms, legs, hands and feet and ultimately help to provide greater nourishment to the peripheral nerves that so desperately need it.

Pillar #4: Cytokine Re-Balancing 
Cytokines are specific cellular signals in the body. Some are inflammatory, some are anti-inflammatory. People who struggle with neuropathy have a significant cytokine imbalance which means they are dealing with a lot of inflammation. By using a combination of nutritional therapies we are able to help restore that proper cytokine balance.

These strategies are based on the best scientific research and clinical evidence.

The problem with so many other approaches out there is that they are simply incomplete.

This approach is truly comprehensive and provides people with all of the tools and strategies they need.

We are so excited to share this program with our community as we know that it can truly help change people’s lives.

We’ve already seen so many miracles in our clinic from this program.

People who were suffering from neuropathy for years and who felt totally hopeless have been able to get real relief once and for all and reclaim their lives.

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Align Integrated Medical Clinic in Meridian, Idaho

The simple fact is that the body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. It is completely capable of healing itself if we provide it with the things that it needs.