Molecular Devices introduces new 3D imaging capabilities with water immersion technology

Scientists can now capture greater physiologically-relevant phenotypic data for 3D and thick tissue samples, improving workflow

Today, Molecular Devices, LLC., a leading provider of high-performance bioanalytical measurement solutions for life science applications, introduced a new automated water immersion imaging technology for the ImageXpress® Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System, at SLAS 2020 in San Diego, Calif. This innovative technology builds on the company’s existing 3D imaging capabilities and will enable both acquisition and analysis of 3D cell model assays such as spheroids, organoids, and organ-on-a-chip biology.

Scientists often experience difficulties screening complex models and obtaining better data quality. With water immersion objectives on the ImageXpress Micro Confocal system, they can increase signal up to four times, improve z-resolution, and decrease optical aberrations for sharper, crisper images.

To address 3D image analysis workflow challenges, Molecular Devices MetaXpress® 3D analysis software module enables scientists to generate greater phenotypic data within a single interface without compromising throughput or data quality, giving scientists confidence in their discoveries.

“We’re excited to invest in innovative technologies that build on our recent capabilities and address 3D imaging challenges for our customers,” said Susan Murphy, President of Molecular Devices. “By integrating robotics and incubation, we are able to provide a fully automated workflow for high-throughput organoid screening that helps deliver drugs to market faster.

Molecular Devices continues to lead the cellular imaging community towards new discoveries utilizing a comprehensive portfolio of powerful yet easy-to-use high-content imaging systems. For more information, visit:

About Molecular Devices, LLC. 
Molecular Devices is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance bioanalytical measurement systems, software and consumables for life science research, pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic development. Included within a broad product portfolio are platforms for high-throughput screening, genomic and cellular analysis, colony selection and microplate detection. These leading-edge products enable scientists to improve productivity and effectiveness, ultimately accelerating research and the discovery of new therapeutics. Molecular Devices is committed to the continual development of innovative solutions for life science applications. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with offices around the globe.

We’re excited to invest in innovative technologies that build on our recent capabilities and address 3D imaging challenges for our customers.