Monitoring-as-a-Service Launched for Drinking Water and Wastewater

Blue Sources’ fish biomonitor provides early warning of toxic chemical contamination.

Blue Sources, an envirotech company, announces the launch of its monitoring-as-a-service (MaaS™) subscription program. Serving as a water contamination early warning system, at the core of MaaS™ sits the BG-2, Blue Sources patented fish biomonitor technology that detects acutely toxic chemicals in water. Think canary-in-a-coal-mine for water treatment and wastewater.

Inside the BG-2, eight live fish swim in a continuous sample stream of water. With each breath, the fish naturally emit electric signals that the BG-2 captures and transmits to a neural network in wave forms akin to a normal sinus rhythm. Upon a contamination event, the wave forms change and the system alarms.

After the technology emerged from a US Army research and development command, several public water utilities as well as a wastewater facility along the East Coast participated in a decade-long pilot. One water quality lab manager summarized his utility’s experience with the fish biomonitor: “When we get any alarm, we first check the fish biomonitor. If the fish signal remains normal, we figure out why our other sensor equipment malfunctioned again.”

With the introduction of MaaS™, operators of water and wastewater facilities can now monitor source water, finished water, and wastewater effluent streams without worrying about biomonitor upkeep. Blue Sources handles everything related to the fish and the technology. Operators simply track the BG-2 output and respond to alarms.

About Blue Sources 
Founded in 2015, Blue Sources patented biomonitor technology detects acutely toxic chemicals in water by monitoring the breathing of live fish. Think canary-in-a-coal-mine for drinking water and wastewater. The offerings from Blue Sources build on over 25 years of research and development by the US Army, including over 10 years of pilot use in drinking water and wastewater production facilities. Within months of releasing its first commercial offerings in 2019, Blue Sources received awards from the Federal Laboratory Consortium, the Fort Detrick Alliance, and the Salisbury University Shore Hatchery.

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