Murrieta Genomics and SimplSeq to Participate in Life Science Nation’s Digital RESI Partnering Event April 29 and 30

Companies Will Meet Virtually with Investors and Partners Around the World

Murrieta Genomics, the launch pad for genomic sequencing startups, and SimplSeq, a wholly owned subsidiary company focused on innovative sample preparation for genomic sequencing, will be participating in a virtual partnering event being held April 29 and 30. The event is hosted by Life Science Nation, an organization founded to help move science forward and be part of the change that is coming to the life science domain.

“Murrieta Genomics wants to launch the next great genomic sequencing companies,” stated Jay Goth, CEO of Murrieta Genomics. “We believe that we are in the very early phase of precision medicine and genomic sequencing is one of the fundamental technologies driving this new trend. Life Science Nation provides an incredibly important service to early stage life science companies by connecting them with products, services and capital.”

The digital partnering event is an innovative approach to connecting companies that was developed in response to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Life Science Nation had to shift their European conference held in March to a digital platform due to the restrictions on travel and found that opening the conference to a virtual audience was a game changer.

“Digital RESI Global doubled our predicted attendee turnout with investment partners and fundraising CEOs. The metrics are actually quite interesting and surprised us in revealing the pent-up demand for action in the life science arena in these troubled times,” stated Dennis Ford, founder and CEO of Life Science Nation. “Partnering led the way and Panels, Workshops and Company Presentations did remarkably well. I never would have thought that these troubled times would have contributed to a new model that seems to be shifting the paradigm.”

During the March RESI conference, over 1,200 meetings were booked over three major continents, with 546 attendees successfully scheduling meetings. This bodes well for the upcoming partnering conference, according to Goth. “I attended the RESI conference in January in San Francisco and was impressed by the number of meetings I had with investors and the quality of those meetings,” he said. “You can reach out to qualified investors and request a meeting and if they agree, then there is a pre-existing interest in what you have to say.”

“SimplSeq is a new internally developed incubator company,” said John Powers, COO of Murrieta Genomics and CEO of SimplSeq. “Brandon Young, our CTO and Lab Director, has been at the bench for over 20 years and he has encountered frustrations with traditional sample preparation methods and decided to come up with some new ideas. As he developed these concepts, we realized that he was transforming a critical part of the genomic sequencing process and we decided to patent and commercialize them. We are now ready to share this with investors, and this is the perfect platform to launch our fundraising.”

Murrieta Genomics is also on the lookout for new potential candidates for the incubator. “We can offer genomic startups critical resources that most life science incubators and accelerators don’t,” said Goth. “For example, our advisory board is comprised of industry leaders – not only in the genomic and science areas, but also in necessary fields including legal, accounting, human resources and investment banking.”


“We don’t think that genomic startups should be spending money building a lab, hiring technicians, and burning up capital to generate the data they need to prove out their concept. We offer them the sequencing know-how and access to resources that would normally be cost prohibitive with no bench fees or overhead costs except for hard costs such as reagents. People with genomic domain knowledge can prove their science while building a business model before reaching out to investors.”

Both companies will also be participating in the next digital RESI conference slated for early June. At this event there will be one on one partnering, investor panels, workshops for life science entrepreneurs, virtual pitch sessions, innovation challenges and more. It is scheduled for three days, June 8, 9 and 10. You can register for Digital RESI 3-Day Conference June 8-10 here and use the promo code “RESIMG100” to save $100 off your registration.

LSN invites all global early-stage companies across Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics & Digital Health to apply for the Digital RESI June 8-10 Innovation Challenge. The top 30 scoring companies will virtually showcase their technology on their own dedicated page featured on the Digital RESI “Live Agenda,” gaining more exposure in LSN’s Global Fundraising Ecosystem of investors and strategic partners. You can apply for the Innovation Challenge here. The application deadline is May 11th.

About Murrieta Genomics 
Murrieta Genomics provides access to next generation sequencing technology for researchers in the health, veterinary, agriculture, forensics and direct to consumer industries. The company is a true business incubator, offering mentorship and guidance from both the scientific and business perspective to aspiring genomic-related entrepreneurs. The founders of Murrieta Genomics have extensive background in business, finance, science and technology. They are supplemented with a prestigious advisory board from both business and science. The company provides Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services, hands-on consulting, review, appraisal and guidance. In addition, it provides help with company value propositions and potential seed funding support to qualified incubator graduates. For more information visit

Murrieta Genomics is part of the Murrieta Innovation Center, a building owned by the city of Murrieta and dedicated to supporting life science companies. The Innovation Center has medical device, therapeutic, software, clinical research and of course genomic companies that are working hard to advance new ideas and innovations that can impact the world in a positive way. The Center is also a resource for all types of local startup companies, offering services and workshops from a local SBDC, several veteran organizations, a SCORE branch and more.

About Life Science Nation’s RESI Conference 
The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference series was created by Life Science Nation (LSN) to bring together startups with early-stage investors and strategic channel partners. The goal was to maximize the capability of these companies, from seed to series B, to find partners who are a fit for their technology and stage of development. What is unique about RESI is that the event is cross border and cross domain, connecting startups with 10 categories of global investors across the silos of drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health, the “4 Ds”. RESI caters to both the earliest stage startups, those seeking grants, seed and angel capital, and the early-stage firms who seek series A and B funding. 

We are now ready to share this with investors, and this is the perfect platform to launch our fundraising.