Murrieta Genomics Participating in Silicon Valley Pitch Event

Company to join eight others from the Murrieta Innovation Center to showcase Murrieta Life Science Technologies to Silicon Valley at a special event.

Murrieta Genomics, the launch pad for genomic sequencing startups, will be presenting its business opportunity to investors and venture capital companies in Silicon Valley at a special Life Science showcase event on October 10th, 2019 from 4 pm to 8:30 pm. The event will be held at the JJ Lake Business Center located at 340 E. Middlefield Road in Mountain View, California.

“Murrieta Genomics is launching the next great genomic sequencing companies,” stated Jay Goth, CEO. “Three companies from our genomic incubator will be presenting their unique approaches to utilizing genomics to advance human health. One of those companies is SimpliSeq, our own internal startup that will completely change the process for preparing samples for NGS (Next Generation Sequencing).”

“SimpliSeq came from a need in the industry to simplify the sample preparation process,” said John Powers, CEO of SimpliSeq. “Our proprietary process eliminates many of the steps currently required to prepare samples for next generation sequencing. This can greatly reduce the opportunity for errors, lower hands-on time and increase throughput for labs. We also intend to reduce the costs of assays by as much as 40%. We believe this to be game-changing technology in a young and rapidly growing space.”

Murrieta Genomics is part of the Murrieta Innovation Center, a building owned by the city of Murrieta and dedicated to supporting life science companies. The Innovation Center has medical device, therapeutic, software, clinical research and of course genomic companies that are working hard to advance new ideas and innovations that can impact the world in a positive way. The Center is also a resource for all types of local startup companies, offering services and workshops from a local SBDC, several veteran organizations, a SCORE branch and more.

“Murrieta has a growing health care community,” declared Scott Agajanian of the city’s economic development department. “Several new facilities have opened recently, and we have a quarterly medical leaders’ luncheon that is attended by local healthcare providers and innovators from all over Southern California. The innovation Center epitomizes our focus on building high technology, high growth jobs in this area.”

The event will begin at 4 pm and feature several of the companies in the Center, including:

Murrieta Genomics, a specialized business incubator focused on genomic-related businesses;


GattaCo, who is revolutionizing blood collection and processing;

Sandhill Crane Diagnostics, a company focused on bringing point of care diagnostics to rural and underserved communities;

LitCentral, who uses blockchain and advanced survey solutions to provide insurance companies with new insight into patients, providers and prescription drugs;

Trio Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a cancer therapeutics startup developing novel single agent dual action drugs that could lead to safer, better and cheaper treatments; 
Epigenetics Rx, who has created a nutrigenomic digital health hub being used by doctors across the country;

Tx Genetic, who is using genomic data to help people understand how fruits and vegetables can contribute to the decline of epithelial mucosa, or “inside skin,” causing chronic health conditions like “leaky gut”;

SimpliSeq, a company simplifying sample preparation for next generation sequencing and introducing a new cancer assay based upon proprietary technology;

And finally, Alliance Research Centers, a clinical research site that is actively working to improve clinical trials to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the clinical trials process.

The evening promises to be a true celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship, with insights from entrepreneurs who are solving advanced problems in human health. With already close to 300 registered attendees, there are a limited number of seats left available to the general public. More information is available at

About Murrieta Genomics 
Murrieta Genomics provides access to next generation sequencing technology for researchers in the health, veterinary, agriculture, forensics and direct to consumer industries. The company is a true business incubator, offering mentorship and guidance from both the scientific and business perspective to aspiring genomic-related entrepreneurs. The founders of Murrieta Genomics have extensive background in business, finance, science and technology. They are supplemented with a prestigious advisory board from both business and science. In addition to low-cost incubation, the company provides hands-on consulting and may provide seed funding to qualified incubator graduates and connections to next-stage funders. For more information visit

Murrieta Genomics – the Genomic Launchpad

We believe this to be game-changing technology in a young and rapidly growing space.