Nanoscience Instruments and DENSsolutions Announce New Partnership

Nanoscience Instruments and DENSsolutions announce new partnership to enable researchers in the United States and Canada to perform reliable and novel In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy experiments.

Nanoscience Instruments is proud to partner with DENSsolutions to serve the US and Canadian markets. DENSsolutions designs and manufactures a range of state-of-the-art In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) solutions. The StreamClimateLightning and Wildfire systems pair precision TEM characterization with real-world environmental conditions, which eliminates the limitation of static sample environments and high vacuum pressures found typically in the Electron Microscope.

This partnership will provide a synergistic fit to the core competencies of Nanoscience Instruments and the markets they serve. “The DENSsolutions In Situ TEM solutions allow researchers to fully investigate real-world phenomena and achieve breakthrough science. The expansion to our range of products will further expand our reach into key strategic markets,” says Sebastian Kossek, co-owner of Nanoscience Instruments. “As a company that specializes in surface science characterization and measurement instrumentation solutions, we are excited to have additional tools that are synergistic to our current and future customer base.”

DENSsolutions is a leading manufacturer of precision In Situ Microscopy Solutions that help develop better solutions for, among others, energy and materials. “As scientists and researchers are looking to solve macro modern-day global challenges which society is facing, they need to understand materials down to the atomic level. The innovative and powerful In Situ TEM solutions DENSsolutions provides, helps these researchers change the world, one atom at a time,” says Ben Bormans, CEO DENSsolutions. “By incorporating all stages of the development model, In Situ TEM unlocks unprecedented research capabilities and moves nanoscience to the next level.”

“The partnership with DENSsolutions opens new avenues for the current customer base and finds additional overlaps with the other technologies we currently provide,” says Mark Flowers, co-owner of Nanoscience Instruments. “Observing processes ‘on-site’ as they are occurring and under changing external stimuli is the paramount goal of In Situ, time resolved techniques.”

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