Neuroscience-Inspired Panda Planner Brings Brain-Boosting Benefits to a New Wellness Magazine and Daily Planner Hybrid

Best selling planner brand launches the next evolution in personal development: the first ever wellness magazine & daily planner hybrd. Project exceeds its Kickstarter funding goal in under 60 minutes.

In 2015, after dealing with Lyme Disease, traumatic brain injuries and cancer, Michael Leip found himself battling depression and anxiety. Determined to thrive, he channelled positivity with the help of neuroscience and positive psychology and created ​Panda Planner​, a daily planning system that is scientifically designed to make you happier and more productive. After years of success, Leip has taken his passion for mental health and happiness one step further. Merging research-backed wellness content with a daily planner featuring proven exercises—like gratitude—that can actually rewire your brain, Panda Planner announces the next level in personal development and productivity through the launch of ​Panda Planner Quarterly​.

A first of its kind, Panda Planner Quarterly (PPQ) is a daily planner and wellness magazine hybrid. In PPQ, users can read through informative and actionable content, including science-based tips about boosting physical and mental health, followed by a quarterly planner that guides users to set achievable goals, build lasting habits, and prioritize happiness. Using the latest neuroscience research, the planner prompts users to cultivate gratitude, thus increasing their well-being over time.

“Countless studies have revealed that gratitude can rewire your brain and lead to a number of benefits like better sleep, better physical health and less stress and anxiety,” said Panda Planner CEO and founder Michael Leip. “We took these studies very seriously when we designed Panda Planner Quarterly and tried to create the most effective tool that seamlessly integrates gratitude, and happiness into your everyday life. By combining the brain-changing benefits of our daily planner with our wellness magazine, we are giving users everything they need to succeed.”

Panda Planner launched PPQ on Tuesday, 11/5, utilizing the crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter to bring it to the world. Their funding goal was exceeded in less than 60 minutes.

Through the Kickstarter campaign​, the PPQ is available on a quarterly subscription basis where campaign backers can purchase one- or two-year subscriptions, with a new magazine with fresh content and dated planning pages mailed to them quarterly. The PPQ is the brand’s first product featuring dated planning pages and spiral binding.

In addition to the Kickstarter campaign, an undated version of the PPQ will also be available for purchase on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, Costco, Books A Million, and select Whole Foods stores nationwide.

About Panda Planner 
Created in 2015, Panda Planner is a scientifically designed planner ​that uses proven principles of positive psychology and neuroscience to make you happier and more productive. With more than 500,000 users, Panda Planner has been recognized as one of the top selling planners on Amazon. To learn more about Panda Planner Quarterly and to get one of your own, visit​ ​ 
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Panda Planner Quarterly is the first ever daily planner & wellness magazine hybrid