New Collaboration Between Yes Energy, IIR Energy & Live Power Offers Better, Faster Access to Energy Supply, Transmission Data

For Traders in North American Power Markets: Innovative leaders collaborate to provide traders with real-time proprietary information critical to decision making.

Live Power, IIR Energy, and Yes Energy, innovative leaders in the collection, analysis, and distribution of energy market data, today announce a new collaboration to offer traders in North American power markets better, faster access to real-time proprietary information critical to informed decision-making.

The companies will exchange and provide to customers proprietary information on power plant and transmission events. Live Power’s real-time power line monitoring combines with IIR Energy’s research on the cause of outages and schedule, and the Yes Energy platform’s ability to alert clients of market moving information from all three companies.

“Combining real-time sensor data, an analytic platform, and an experienced research team brings together powerful capabilities,” said Bill Townsend, CEO of Live Power. “Each is stronger and better because of the other. The feedback loop Live Power gets from IIR helps us determine the difference between minor forced outage events, such as a boiler tube leak, and a more catastrophic failure, such as turbine blade failure. That distinction is critical to our customers’ successful decision-making.”

Paul Copello, President of IIR Energy, said, “As a Market Intelligence Research Firm providing power and gas traders fundamental supply data, we are excited to contribute to this partnership the ‘color,’ behind what Live Power is discovering for all of uS.”

Michael McNair, President & CEO of Yes Energy, said, “We’ve always wanted to empower our customers to make their own call by synthesizing disparate data sources. This collaboration advances that longstanding goal and honors the ingenuity of companies like Live Power and IIR. Together the companies are doing the legwork that customers used to have to do themselves.”

In this new collaboration, Live Power can request research from IIR Energy and passes along information such as detected line or plant outages. For example, Live Power may see a possible trip and want to find out if IIR can validate it by contacting one of their sources. Live Power can thereby improve and confirm its readings. IIR gets a timely tip to look into market moving events.

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Paul Copello, President 
IIR Energy 
[email protected]

Bill Townsend, CEO 
Live Power 
[email protected]

Michael McNair, President & CEO 
Yes Energy 
[email protected]

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Combining real-time sensor data, an analytic platform, and an experienced research team brings together powerful capabilities.