New Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Adventure Envisions a World Devastated by War and Environmental Disaster

In “Humans, Volume 1: The Mark” by Alexandra L. Yates, the descendants of Earth’s few survivors set out to discover the truth about the world they’ve inherited.

Author Alexandra L. Yates has released the first book in her compelling new science fiction series. “Humans, Volume 1: The Mark” transports readers to 2125, a century after much of the planet has been eradicated by the Ecological Wars of 2025, where a new group of recruits called the Elite Eight are training to become the future leaders of the Red World Government.

Cathy, Tabitha, Stephanie, Leah, James, Jesse, Chris and Max live in Kantas City, a utilitarian society that has eradicated many of the injustices of the pre-apocalyptic world at the cost of free thought. As part of their training, the group is sent on a mission to survey the other cities and villages within the Red World. After venturing off course, they discover information that leaves them questioning their government’s ethicality as well as the origins of their unique abilities and matching Marks.

Yates was inspired by her work with an environmental organization and drew from current political, social and environmental challenges in her worldbuilding. Themes of sustainability, climate change, social inequality and women’s empowerment are woven throughout the story, engaging readers with the most critical issues of the 21st century.

“Being part of the environmental movement and seeing the destruction happening around the world, I had the idea to write a story,” said Yates. “I wanted the story to entertain readers while driving them to think about what’s going on in the world and the long-term consequences of choices that are being made now. I also wanted to write a story where women take the lead and are at the forefront of progress.”

“A captivating novel that is fun to read,” said Amazon reviewer Emily Homer. “The way the story confronts the harsh realities of climate change motivated me to be more aware of my ecological footprint and things I can do to take better care of the Earth.”

A science fiction adventure following eight young adults who rebel against their strict government training in pursuit of truth, “Humans, Volume 1: The Mark” is an enthralling read for all ages.

“Humans, Volume 1: The Mark” 
By Alexandra L. Yates 
ISBN: 9781684701582 (softcover); 9781684701599 (electronic) 
Available in both English and French from AmazonBarnes & Noble and the Lulu Online Bookstore


About the author 
Alexandra L. Yates started her career in finance working for a number of major international companies in France, Germany and the UK. After the birth of her two children, she was inspired to join an international NGO in Amsterdam and help make the world a better place for them to live. Now, she is embracing a new challenge through writing, and her debut novel is dedicated to all those fighting to save the planet. She currently resides in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland with her husband and children.

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