New Toe and Foot Wart Treatment Options at the Foot Doctor of Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Howell Michigan & Brighton Michigan

Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists of Howell, Brighton & Dexter Michigan offer new and cutting-edge treatment options for removal toe warts, foot warts corns and calluses.

Advanced foot and ankle specialists of Howell Michiganand Brighton Michigan have been performing removal skin lesions, toe warts and foot warts for over 20+ years in Livingston County. This podiatrist and foot doctor practice includes four hospital trained podiatrists and ingrown toenail removal specialists available to help with the full range of toenail problems.

Toe and foot wart removal options: 
There are three types of ingrown toenail removal that are routinely performed.

1) Medical Pedicure for Feet & Toes: 

  • A medical pedicure consists of using specialized sterile instruments are used for cleaning and shortening thick and fungal toenails. Yet this can also include treating toe warts and foot warts.
  • The next step is maintaining proper moisturizing of a patient’s feet. The patient is evaluated for any decreased blood flow, any nerve disorders, any skin disorders.
  • This is not a cosmetic medical pedicure excavation point. This is specifically based on medical standards.

2) Medical Toe and Foot Wart Treatment

  • Plantar warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).
  • A podiatrist can trim the hard callus that grows over it and treat it with cryotherapy and different strong acids to make the wart go away.
  • This has a success rate of 85% over approximately 6 months.

3) Toe and Foot Wart Surgery: 

  • If the wart does not improve with medical treatment, it is possible to provide a small injection and provide anesthetic to the site.
  • At this point an in-office procedure can completely remove the wart by a podiatrist.

Advanced foot and ankle specialists of Howell Michigan and Brighton Michigan pride themselves on providing comprehensive the care and working as a multispecialty team. The four doctors at this practice are on staff at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Livingston, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Brighton, and St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor. Working as part of this large multidisciplined team, they can work with internal medicine doctors, primary care doctors, endocrinologists and vascular surgery specialist to provide comprehensive care.

Advanced foot and ankle specialists have four different doctors within their practice: Dr. Tom Biernacki, Dr. John Stevelinck, Dr. Marc Bonanni and Dr. Danielle Meyka-Blanchard. All four of our foot doctors are on staff at St. Joseph Mercy hospitals. They pride themselves on serving Livingston County and Washtenaw County.


In the past podiatrists were simply office-based clinicians, but now are all medical school and residency trained physicians. All four doctors at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists have spent four years of medical school, and at least three years in a hospital-based surgical residency. Now the podiatrists of Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists boast Harvard residency status, and some have received post residency specialized fellowship training in diabetic surgery and wound care.

Dr. Tom Biernacki states, “We are so thankful to be your choice for your foot and ankle lesions and skin conditions! Our number one goal is to take great care of people’s foot and ankle problems, with as little surgery as possible, and for as little cost as possible. We emphasize getting people better as quickly as possible, and it looks like we are starting to really make a difference!”

Plantar Wart treatment on the bottom of the foot and toes in Howell Michigan & Brighton Michigan.

Plantar Wart treatment on the bottom of the foot and toes in Howell Michigan & Brighton Michigan.

“Thank you for making us your number one choice in Howell Michigan we have been working hard to keep your costs low, avoid any type of surgery, and get you healed as soon as possible!”