Next Generation Labs Expands Tobacco-Free Nicotine Production

Next Generation Labs doubles production capacity of TFN® in response to increased demand from nicotine vape manufacturers and cartridge fillers globally

Next Generation Labs, the world’s first and sole producer of bulk R-S and S non-tobacco derived nicotine, is pleased to announce the doubling of annual production capacity to meet increasing demand from nicotine vape manufacturers and device cartridge fillers in the USA and internationally.

As adult consumers show an increasing preference for nicotine that is not sourced from tobacco, and is free of all tobacco-derived components, trade customers are increasing both order sizes and frequency to meet growing demand. As a result, Next Generation Labs has doubled production capacity of its TFN nicotine and will continue to scale production of tobacco-free nicotine as market demands dictate in order to eliminate any possibility of supply constraints for its growing customer base.

Next Generation Labs understands that these are challenging times for many vape companies as they navigate the complexities of ever increasing federal and state regulation relating to nicotine and vaping devices. Next Generation Labs has been, and will remain committed, to meeting the supply needs of formulators, fillers and vape brand owners, by offering quality TFN with shorter lead-times, so that customers can remain competitive in the ever-maturing nicotine vape market.

For more information and inquiries contact: info(at)nextgenerationlabs(dot)com.

About Next Generation Labs 
Founded in 2014, Next Generation Labs developed TFN®, the world’s leading synthetic nicotine that is not derived from tobacco. TFN Nicotine is used in over 40 e-liquid brands globally and is playing a central role in revolutionizing the e-cigarette and vaping industry.

Next Generation Labs