Nutrition21 Announces the Adoption of CertainT® – a Technology That Protects the Dietary Supplement Industry and Consumers

Nutrition21 is the first to implement this state-of-the-art-technology to increase dietary supplement supply chain transparency

The dietary supplement industry now has a state-of-the-art solution for ensuring supply chain transparency and reassuring consumers that what’s listed on an ingredient panel is actually in their product. As a developer of patented and trademarked ingredients, Nutrition21 has introduced this solution with the adoption of CertainT, which is designed to protect the intellectual property (IP) of ingredient suppliers and brand owners of consumer products.

CertainT is a technology developed by Applied DNA Sciences (Applied DNA) (NASDAQ: APDN). Nutrition21 is not only using CertainT in its own ingredients, but as an added benefit to the industry, Nutrition21 has entered into an exclusive agreement with Applied DNA to represent the CertainT platform for functional ingredient suppliers and dietary supplement brand-owners as well.

CertainT is an authenticity and traceability platform with three technology pillars (Tag, Test, Track) which allows ingredients and products to be tagged with a unique molecular identifier. This identifier can then be tested for its presence as it travels throughout a global supply chain. The CertainT marker used by Nutrition21 is GRAS and can be easily added to ingredients. “The functional ingredient market follows our work in pharmaceuticals, where we believe transparency and trust are key tenets to drive consumer confidence. The CertainT platform provides Nutrition21 proof positive of their ingredients all the way through to their customers’ finished products and on to retail shelves and online stores. CertainT supports Nutrition21’s investment in brand and IP protection for its ingredients and its customers’ final products,” said Dr. James Hayward, president and CEO, Applied DNA.

Nitrosigine® is the first Nutrition21 product to utilize the CertainT technology. Nitrosigine can only be formulated into end products by contract manufacturers and brand owners that are exclusively licensed by Nutrition21. With these licensed sales channels in place, Nutrition21 has full transparency over who is purchasing Nitrosigine. Nutrition21 will implement a comprehensive testing program that utilizes this proprietary technology to ensure that products containing Nitrosigine are delivering the promised dose to protect consumers and brand owners.

“Our team conducted a lengthy search and vetted a number of different solutions as we worked to upgrade our IP protection program. We believe the CertainT technology is a game-changer and are excited to use it in our product portfolio. It’s another step in maintaining an honest supply chain, protecting valuable IP and assuring consumers they are getting what they pay for” said Joe Weiss, President of Nutrition21.

“Nutrition21 identified a gap in supply chain transparency and sought out a solution” said Bill Levi, VP of Operations at Nutrition21. “While offering a novel technology between ‘competitors’ is not typical, we felt this was essential in affirming our goal of protecting the industry as a whole. We are offering CertainT to every ingredient manufacturer in the industry so they can also pledge to protect and maintain a safer ingredient supply chain. The addition of CertainT to the dietary supplement industry is especially important to branded ingredient manufacturers with valuable IP to protect.”

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“We believe the CertainT technology is a game-changer and are excited to use it in our product portfolio. It’s another step in maintaining an honest supply chain, protecting valuable IP and assuring consumers they are getting what they pay for”