OceanGate Announces Hudson Canyon Deep-Sea Discovery Expedition

Adventurous citizen explorers to join the manned submersible expedition into the Grand Canyon of the Ocean.

OCEANGATE EXPEDITIONS ANNOUNCES DIVE MISSIONS INTO THE FABLED HUDSON CANYON, scheduled for August 2020 in a state-of-the-art, 5-person deep-sea submersible. Adventurous explorers will join oceanographic scientists and researchers on missions to explore one of the world’s most biodiverse habitats and seek to uncover previously undiscovered sea-life, shipwrecks and sites.

This undersea adventure expedition is the first of its kind to explore the alien world beneath the waves deep within the Hudson Canyon. Participants, known as mission specialists, will work side-by-side with a team of subsea experts and researchers to discover what lies at the edge of the continental shelf.

“Hudson Canyon is one of the least explored undersea areas and yet sea-life thrives here,” shares Stockton Rush, CEO, OceanGate. “It’s amazing that the Hudson Canyon is on the scale of the Grand Canyon and it lies just off the coast of New York City, and remains shrouded in mystery. The expedition will take citizen explorers places no human has directly observed before. We are anxious to see what we will discover together,” explains Rush.

Aspiring mission specialists interested in joining the Hudson Canyon Deep-Sea Discovery Expedition should contact OceanGate for qualifications, availability and additional details. To obtain more information about all upcoming OceanGate expeditions, visit http://www.oceangateexpeditions.com.

OceanGate’s 5-person Submersible, Cyclops 1

The Hudson Canyon is on the scale of the Grand Canyon and lies just off the coast of New York City yet remains shrouded in mystery.