Omega Family Surrogates Recounts the Emotional Surrogacy Process of Intended Parents

Interviews conducted by Omega Family Surrogates of its Intended Parents show an intimate look at the surrogacy process, and why it is so important to find the right surrogate.

People considering surrogacy usually have an altruistic desire to help others who otherwise could not become parents. Every Intended Parents’ story differs, but, in addition to creating a family, they have the opportunity to develop a very deep relationship with their Surrogate.

Across the globe, more and more Intended Parents are electing to have a child through the surrogacy process. An interview with an Intended Parent — who recently found a surrogate through Omega Family Global — helps to shed light on this life-changing process.

“It was a wonderful journey for my parents, my wife, and our family,” the Intended Parent recounted in an interview. “It took us four years to look into surrogacy and finally make a decision. It’s a long and complex journey.”

Omega Family Surrogates help Intended Parents find and work with an Omega Surrogate and her family through the entire process. After Intended Parents begin the process, they are assigned a caseworker and begin reviewing profiles of potential Omega Surrogates. Being able to learn about candidates in-depth — and speak to them before making a decision — was vital, according to the Intended Parent. Translation services were provided to the Omega Surrogate and Intended Parents, who live in different countries.

“We had a video conference with Jennifer, our Omega Surrogate, and we were able to see each other and make a visual connection,” noted the Intended Parent. “We spoke about our reason for choosing surrogacy, and Jennifer told us why she wanted to be an Omega Surrogate. The communication was important.

After choosing a candidate, the Intended Parents transfer a fertilized egg to the Omega Surrogate via in-vitro fertilization. This process involves collecting eggs and sperm from the Intended Parents, fertilizing the egg, and then implanting the embryo into the Omega Surrogate uterus.

The Intended Parent noted that he and his wife chose to find a surrogate because of his wife’s health. “My wife’s health is not good enough to carry the baby herself,” the IP noted during his interview. “We had a higher probability of having a successful pregnancy if we chose the surrogacy route. Omega Surrogates are stronger and in a better state of health.”


Working with Omega Family Surrogates, who find Surrogates in the United States, can have additional benefits, according to the IP. The United States has higher rates of in-vitro fertilization success, and babies born in the country automatically receive U.S. citizenship.

“Surrogacy is a long but rewarding process,” noted the IP during his interview. After trying to have a child on their own for over ten years, the new parents met their baby for the first time earlier this year.

“It was amazing,” recalled the new father, remembering the first time he saw his child. “My wife went to the nursery — the first time she [saw] the baby she started to cry. You see a little stranger, and then you are looking at the baby and the eyes look like me or my wife, and [you know] that is our baby.”

About Omega Family Surrogates 
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It was a wonderful journey for my parents, my wife, and our family. It took us four years to look into surrogacy and finally make a decision. It’s a long and complex journey.