partners with Microsoft Azure to provide GPU computing to its Deep Learning course students

Technology giant Microsoft is gifting 100 hours of free GPU time to 2,000 students enrolled in’s Deep Learning with PyTorch course., the provider of the most comprehensive curriculum for learning Computer Vision online, is partnering with global giant Microsoft to gift 100 hours of GPU time to each of its 2,000 newly enrolled students within its Deep Learning with PyTorch course.

AI Courses by is committed to making AI education available to the masses and in turn build a global workforce to confidently tackle real-world problems with AI solutions.

A series of three courses are currently being offered by : 

  • Computer Vision I: Introduction
  • Computer Vision II: Applications
  • Deep Learning with PyTorch

The third course covers​ Deep Learning for solving various computer vision problems. In addition to teaching students the theory behind Deep Learning, the hands-on course covers practical considerations needed to successfully train Deep Neural Networks. These include how to prepare datasets, how to perform sanity checks before embarking on training that can take hours, how to use visualization tools to debug the training process, what workflows to use when the results are not satisfactory, and finally how to deploy a network on the cloud.

“ is honored to receive free GPU time by Microsoft on its Azure Platform for our students enrolled in the Deep Learning with PyTorch course. The notebook based Azure platform is easy for beginners and very flexible for AI practitioners. Not only is Microsoft leading AI research, it is helping make AI education accessible to students around the world while promoting open standards. We are thankful for Microsoft’s commitment to the open source community,” said Dr. Satya Mallick, Interim CEO of

An effective training program in Artificial Intelligence requires students to have access to expensive computational resources equipped with Graphics Processing Units (GPU). Fortunately for newly-enrolled students of the Deep Learning with PyTorch course, Microsoft will generously provide them with 100 hours of GPU time on their ​Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform​.


“We are excited to partner with OpenCV on this course. Azure AI is committed to making it easy to adopt AI – with Azure sponsorships, we hope students can fully experience AI in action. We give our best wishes to the students.” — Microsoft Azure AI Team

AI Courses by are being created in collaboration with Big Vision LLC — a California AI consulting company known for its popular educational blog ​​.

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Dr. Satya Mallick, Interim CEO, Email: [email protected]

“Not only is Microsoft leading AI research, it is helping make AI education accessible to students around the world while promoting open standards.”