Ortus Solutions To Debut Its Lucee AMI

The Software Company is Set to Bring Lucee Servers to the AWS Cloud

Ortus Solutions, Corp announced the release of its Lucee AMI after several months of work. Ortus long saw the need to bring Lucee servers to the Amazon Web Services cloud. Now, users will have a site up and running in minutes without going through the configuration hassle.

“At Ortus, we have a firm vision of modernizing and innovating in all areas of our industry. One of the areas of focus for 2020 and beyond is to make the developer and devops experience much better, smoother and secure. With this initiative, we have started to focus on helping companies and developers deploy and manage ColdFusion (CFML) servers with ease,” said Luis Majano, CEO of Ortus Solutions.

A book and an educational video have also been released to guide users through installing an EC2 instance from an Ortus AMI with Ubuntu, Tomcat 8, an Nginx load-balanced Lucee application server from the AWS marketplace. Every instance will be $.30 cents an hour.

As to what’s next, Majano stated: “This is our first step in this initiative, to offer pre-configured, and hardened cloud servers that can be used to deploy 1 or 1000 servers in no time. AWS is our first stepping ground, but we will tackle Azure, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean in the coming months.”



Ortus Solutions is a minority-owned Christian business founded in 2006 with the vision of empowering developers with great open source tools and empowering clients with scalable and robust applications. It has a proven track record of successful web application development from small scale to mission critical applications, software architecture, website design, training and support services.


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