Pace Analytical® Responds to Increased Demand for PFAS Testing and Analysis

As one of the first commercial labs to address PFAS compounds, the company provides unique capabilities to quickly respond to heightened concerns over man-made chemicals

Pace Analytical Services, LLC, the largest American-owned laboratory network providing environmental and life sciences analytical information and services, today announced that it has expanded its capacity and service offerings to quickly address concerns over the effects of PFAS. Reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), documentaries on the subject, and the recent release of the movie, Dark Waters, have elevated demand for testing and analysis of PFAS compounds.

PFAS, or Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, represent a diverse group of man-made chemical compounds that are persistent; meaning they don’t break down and can accumulate over time. These compounds are resistant to heat, water, and oil and have been used in hundreds of industrial applications and consumer products including carpeting, apparel, upholstery, food paper wrappings, fire-fighting foams, and metal plating.

Pace Analytical® has been conducting persistent organic pollutant testing for over three decades and was one of the first commercial laboratories to analyze for PFAS compounds. Today the company offers multiple PFAS testing labs in the United States. As the list of known PFAS compounds has grown, Pace Analytical has responded by investing in new lab locations and resources to expand its capacity and customer services, including:

PFAST™ Mobile PFAS Lab Service 
Pace Analytical offers the only certified mobile lab in the industry capable of analyzing PFAS in the single digit, part-per-trillion range. This means Pace can identify PFAS plumes and source areas with fully defensible data and often, with same-day results and at a lower cost than expedited turnaround times at fixed-based labs.

Rapid Response Service 
Pace Analytical can quickly mobilize a team to provide PFAS testing in support of emergency responders and/or specific client needs. A Rapid Response team can be up and running within hours and provide around-the-clock services by leveraging one, or multiple resources across the Pace laboratory network.

“Through our network of labs, PFAST, and Rapid Response services, we are committed to responding to PFAS and other environmental testing concerns quickly, and at a local level,” notes Mike Fuller, COO of Pace Environmental Sciences. “For example, Pace Analytical recently announced the acquisition of Shealy Environmental Services in South Carolina which specializes in PFAS testing and analysis.” Pace has plans to expand the capabilities of this location and will soon break ground to increase the square footage of the lab.

Pace Analytical provides PFAS testing and analytical services across industries, engineering firms, and government agencies. Pace is accredited by the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Energy (DOE) and is one of four active participants in the EPA Contract Laboratory Program. More information on Pace Analytical and its PFAS services may be found at


About Pace Analytical® 
Pace Analytical, Inc. makes the world a safer, healthier place. Founded in 1978 to provide high quality, comprehensive analytical testing and emergency disaster response services for a broad range of environmental concerns, the company has since expanded to address the needs of the life science industries. Pace has also leveraged its expertise in the areas of regulatory consulting, facility certifications, lab instrument services, and staffing augmentation to provide new capabilities to the onsite labs of its clients. With a network of laboratories across the United States, Pace is nationally certified to provide a full range of services and does so with the highest degree of quality and value. Pace delivers science better. Learn more at

PFAS Testing & Analysis

Through our network of labs, PFAST, and Rapid Response services, we are committed to responding to PFAS and other environmental testing concerns quickly, and at a local level