PEAR Sports® and Performance Lab® Unite to Create the Next Generation AI-Driven Digital Health Tele-Coaching Platform that Brings Science to Fitness Activity

The Acquisition Allows Patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities To Be Integrated into PEAR’s Enterprise Coaching Platform, Creating a Software Solution that Delivers Proven Fitness Results and Verified Behavior Change

PEAR Sports®, creator of the PEAR Health & Fitness Platform™ that delivers smart digital coaching technology, today announced it has acquired Performance Lab®. Performance Lab is the leader in AI fitness coaching science and automation for the fitness, health and wellness markets. This merging is part of a joint strategy to further the combined companies’ science-based digital offerings and better serve remote work forces.

With over 30 years’ experience, Performance Lab has unparalleled domain expertise at analyzing and interpreting performance data for thousands of athletes of all levels and perfecting ARDA, their patented AI-driven exercise recommendations engine. Meanwhile, PEAR Sports has led the market in delivering real-time, interactive audio coaching, voiced by world-class athletes and developing a diverse, deep workout content library. Additionally, PEAR Pro™ with human touch tele-coaching allows trainers to quickly customize individual and group workouts with smart guidance for proper sequencing, training load, and recovery balance. These strong combined IP portfolios will create a powerful company that can deliver a complete digital coaching solution to the health and wellness markets. The consolidated, patented assets and technologies will encourage wellness and fitness providers to work with PEAR to bring engaging, measurable activity to their members no matter how they workout and where they work out.

Performance Lab’s coaching process is highly personalized, motivating and effective. A five-year study* with over 1,500 participants in a goal-based environment resulted in significant improvements in health markers (see case study link below). Importantly, an astonishing 97% of participants reported that they enjoyed the training experience and would choose to participate again.

Bob Allison, Founder of PEAR Sports, said, “The mission at PEAR Sports is to leverage increasingly pervasive activity data from wearables, interpret it, and apply it in ways that can impact the effectiveness of digital coaching and even human touch coaching. Adding Performance Lab’s science and AI algorithms to PEAR’s real-time coaching technology means we will be able to offer the only truly intelligent, custom, adaptive training solution on the market. We are thrilled to welcome the experienced team at Performance Lab to PEAR and to work together to create a powerful player in the digital health and fitness arena.”

The PEAR Health & Fitness Platform enables enterprises to build and deliver state-of-the-art digital fitness and wellness programming. PEAR’s proprietary solution combines the best in mobile and wearable technology with human-coach guidance, paired with music to optimize the training effect. Bespoke workout content ranges from running to spinning, strength, flexibility and more. Performance Lab’s proven science will now be informing PEAR’s Training Intelligence®, analyzing and interpreting biometric performance data and contextual information to create workouts that balance training to optimize results. Then informed post-activity recommendations are delivered to reach personal goals and affect behavior change. Finally, the new performance data is used by the advanced AI fitness engine to update the individual’s training, therapy or health plan. Along the way, human-touch coaching, in-person or via tele-coaching, is also supported.

According to Jon Ackland, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Performance Lab, “The combined approach, clients and market relationships mean our joined companies can generate increased value in its core platform, data distribution partnerships and business analytics. Our organizational synergies will allow PEAR to focus on developing the best user experience and content while Performance Lab will focus on measurement, data and AI associated with content recommendations. The natural synergies of PEAR’s market and program knowledge and Performance Lab’s science expertise increases our scale and improves our relevance in the marketplace. This is a very exciting development!”

Members of Performance Lab will join the PEAR Sports Team, and the company will maintain offices in New Zealand, housing the Performance and Sports Science Platform. Performance Lab’s senior executive members include Jon Ackland who established the world’s first commercial sports science institute, has authored nine books on performance training, and is a former national Ironman triathlete. The Performance Lab senior executive team brings extensive experience, leadership and energy to this new merger. PEAR Sports Development Lab is located in Solana Beach, California.


Applications for PEAR’s new enterprise AI coaching platform are prevalent in healthcare and corporate wellness, gyms and fitness boutiques, as well as military, government and first responder programs. Clients have included Intel, Oakley, and Life Fitness.

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PEAR Sports is perfecting the personalized delivery of digital health, wellness and fitness programs. Our platform and solutions deliver on-demand customized coaching that creates great experiences for customers and enterprises.

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Since 1987, Performance Lab has pioneered the use of wearable sensors in the areas of exercise and training. The company is a developer of proprietary algorithms and software platforms for fitness and health applications. Our AI platform transforms data into intelligence that informs decision making and behavior change. See

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PEAR Sports Health & Fitness Platform

The mission at PEAR Sports is to leverage increasingly pervasive activity data from wearables…Adding Performance Lab’s science and AI algorithms to PEAR’s real-time coaching technology means we will be able to offer the only truly intelligent, custom, adaptive training solution on the market.