Philippine Fund for Covid Vaccine

Press Release: FUNDS FOR COVID-19 VACCINES MUST BE READIED IN ADVANCE   Earmark gov’t funds as early as now.

Get ready to purchase vaccines once developed. Human vaccine trials for COVID-19 are now underway   National and local governments ought to be ready with the funds needed to procure ample supplies of the vaccines against COVID-19 as soon as the vaccines become widely available.

Dapat ngayon pa lang mag-earmark na ang ating gobyerno ng pondo para sa bakuna, para as soon as  ma-develop ang bakuna may pambili agad. Every moment counts. Any delay would cost lives.

Human vaccine trials for COVID-19 are underway. With global efforts poured in, vaccines will be developed soon.  

Vaccines administered by government health personnel and hospitals shall be given free of charge, fully subsidized by the government.   However, the vaccines bought by private hospitals and private doctors would likely be at a cost although with partial PhilHealth cover.    

This is the prudent course of action toward ensuring that residents and visitors are protected against the coronavirus.

  We must ensure the vaccines are given to every person who must be vaccinated.   We leave the scientific details and vaccine protocols to the experts on vaccines, but funding and procurement for public use are the purview of government.