PPT Takes a Cue From Nature With Award-Winning Skincare Product With Melanin

San Antonio-based PhotoProtective Technologies has been awarded a US patent for a skin care product that utilizes a specially formulated melanin that filters more of the sun’s blue light associated with damage and wrinkles, and that transmits more of the red and near infrared parts of the sunlight associated with repair. The product, inspired by naturally occurring melanin, has received international attention coming in first place for Most Innovative Ingredient at the Annual In-Cosmetics trade show in Milan, Italy.

Photoprotective Technologies (PPT) has just received US patent 10/357,124 for its water-based HEV Melanin used in skin care products such as creams and makeup. The product is distributed by Vantage Specialty Ingredients under a joint venture agreement with PPT. The award-winning product addresses the growing need to protect the skin from blue light as well as UV.

Inspired by Nature’s evolution of melanin, PPT improved upon melanin’s properties that include: protection to the skin and eyes from sunlight damage; repair of the skin; and potentially the adsorption and sequestration of harmful pollutants in our environment.

Melanin is in the skin to protect against damage from sunlight. It’s widely known that people with more melanin have less wrinkles and less damage to their skin.

Melanin is more than a UV filter; it also filters the higher energy visible (HEV) light which is now considered to be damaging and able to penetrate deeper into the skin. However, melanin may also provide repair – by transmitting a relatively high percentage of the red and near infrared light that some studies have associated with repair of the skin. PPT modified its melanin to take this idea a step further by formulating a melanin that filters even more of the blue light and transmits still more of the red light.

Melanin is well-known among researchers for its ability to adsorb and sequester harmful airborne molecules that would otherwise penetrate and potentially damage the skin. Unlike other anti-pollutant products, melanin’s superior performance is due to its unique molecular structure that allows it to strongly absorb a variety of toxins and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. PPT is currently attempting to characterize and quantify this important property of melanin in skin care products.

PPT continues its decades long patent and technology development for melanin applications in the eye care and skin care industries under its ISO 9001 certification and its GMP manufacturing and environmental protocols.

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