Pres. Duterte says illegal drugs is heaviest burden

President Duterte: Illegal drugs is heaviest burden

MANILA, Nov. 27 (PNA) — President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday spoke on the drug problem, corruption and rebellion in Mindanao before his former classmates and fellow law graduates at the San Beda Law Grand Alumni Homecoming held at the Shangrila Hotel in Bonifacio Global City.

The war against drugs was a main point of President Duterte’s platform during the campaign period.

“At the start of the campaign and even when I was mayor, I was very emphatic about the issues that – it would destroy the country if it is not interdicted. You know, ayaw kong magyabang and President Ramos is here. Pero kung hindi ako ang naging Presidente, itong problema sa droga, which is really a virulent issue and of course activity, hindi ito lalabas ng totoo,” Duterte said.

The illegal drug problem, the President said, is the heaviest burden the country is facing.

”Itong droga ang pinaka……because it could lead to so many insane persons,” he stated.

He said that to sustain the habit the drug addicts resort to robbing, killing and other crimes.

He noted that there is a drop in the incidence of drug pushing.


“But that’s only for the moment, takot kasi,” as he issued a stern warning addressed to drug pushers to stay put in their homes.

The President also said that now that the drug supply is scarce, drug pushers resort to holdup, robbery and other crimes.

The President also traced the roots of the Mindanao conflict when the Spaniards colonized the Philippines.

Duterte said it’s a war that started since Spanish times and one that is driven by nationalism on the part of the Muslims because they were there long before the Spaniards came.

The President who was in Jolo and Zamboanga last Friday pinned medals on the wounded soldiers in action.

Duterte shared the view of former President Fidel Ramos in his administration’s pursuit of a lasting peace in Mindanao.

“I agree with President Ramos. There can never be a real fight, you just have to talk,” he said. (PNA)

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