Protein Metrics Inc. Announces Sixth Year of Record Growth

Company’s strong growth evidenced across all sectors

Protein Metrics Inc., a premier provider of mass spectrometry software for protein characterization, announced today a sixth consecutive year of record revenue and bookings across all customer segments in 2019. Annualized bookings from biopharmaceutical customers grew 40% with significant expansion coming from the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Protein Metrics enters 2020 with a user base that extends across more than 100 commercial biopharmaceutical organizations and more than 200 government and academic institutions worldwide.

During 2019, Protein Metrics’ growth was driven by several factors. The company saw deeper penetration into major accounts with significant enterprise adoption across major partner labs. The company has also continued to strengthen relationships with analytical instrument companies with both custom development and co-marketing agreements driving adoption with mutual customers. Finally, Protein Metrics had four new patents issue in 2019 adding to its significant IP portfolio and underlining the company’s commitment reinvest for future growth. The tools built on these patents have allowed the Protein Metrics’ customers to accelerate their data analysis to new levels, keeping them at the forefront of their markets.

“We are thrilled that so many organizations across the biopharma industry rely on our products. Protein Metrics software is streamlining the development process of advanced protein therapeutics from proteomics discovery, to cell line selection, to process development, to regulatory filings,” says Eric Carlson, Ph.D., President & CEO. “As the industry shifts focus to more complex biological therapeutics, data analysis becomes a bottleneck for development. Our software is a force multiplier for scientists, allowing them to characterize therapeutics quickly and to share their results efficiently, saving time and money.”

With additional tools for compliance and GMP environments, Protein Metrics will continue launching products in 2020 that shape laboratory-wide workflows and reporting and solve real-world problems defined by customers.

About Protein Metrics 
Protein analysis should never be limited by software. With a clear focus on protein characterization, Protein Metrics’ vendor-neutral software allows scientists to use data generated on analytical instruments like mass spectrometers to quickly identify and report protein sequences as well as any variations from the expected form. We innovate so that biopharmaceutical companies and university research labs can achieve confident results from their analysis and reporting. With our customers, we are boldly advancing protein characterization. Protein Metrics is headquartered in Cupertino, CA at the crossroads of computing and biotechnology in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit

Protein Metrics announces 6th year of record revenue and bookings.

Protein Metrics announces record bookings and revenue and an installed base that extends across more than 100 commercial biopharmaceutical organizations and more than 200 government and academic institutions worldwide