Quartic.ai and Bright Path Labs Partner to Deliver AI-Powered Continuous Manufacturing of Critical APIs for Life-Saving Medicines

Quartic.ai and Bright Path Laboratories, Inc. (Bright Path Labs) have signed an agreement to develop an AI-powered continuous manufacturing platform for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other small molecule drugs.

Quartic.ai, a manufacturing AI and IIoT platform supplier, and Bright Path Laboratories, Inc. (Bright Path Labs), a provider of continuous flow reactor technologies, signed an agreement to develop an AI-powered continuous manufacturing platform for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other small molecule drugs using Bright Path Labs’ continuous bioreactor and the Quartic.ai smart manufacturing technology.

The U.S. imports approximately 72% of its APIs used in domestic pharmaceutical production from foreign countries, like China and India. The COVID-19 crisis has quickly exposed significant gaps in the American drug supply.

“In the long term, U.S. pharmaceutical companies should also rethink their supply chains, including by changing the practice of replenishing their inventories just in time and diversifying API supplies to reduce dependence on Chinese and Indian manufacturers,” according to Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Bright Path Labs’ advanced continuous flow Spinning Tube-in-Tube (STT®) technology can rapidly produce chemicals and pharmaceutical active ingredients with higher yields, faster reaction times, greater purity, and does so using reaction and process chemistry founded on the principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. Beyond fast, Bright Path Labs’ advanced manufacturing technology is also directly scalable from development bench, to skid, to modular full-scale commercial operations in months, as opposed to the years that are typical.

“The AI technology provided by Quartic.ai will help speed up the design, validation and approval of molecules to use this technology in line with the Quality-by-Design (QBd) guidelines set by the FDA to assure drug safety. We will be able to make DoE (Design of Experiments) dynamic for process development and technology transfer while also providing continuous monitoring of quality for real-time-release.” said Quartic.ai’s CEO, Rajiv Anand.

“We believe in technologies like AI as key enablers for manufacturing excellence. We are excited about the collaboration with Quartic.ai to demonstrate that digitally enabled smart manufacturing of APIs will be more competitive than offshore imports. We also know that this advance technology can provide higher process control and compliance; exactly the capabilities that FDA is urging the industry to accelerate. Bright Path is working with the FDA’s Emerging Technology Team to integrate real-time AI into the process control strategies for the intermediates actives we are manufacturing using the STT continuous flow reactor,” said Tony Quinones, CEO of Bright Path Labs.

This combined Bright Path Labs-Quartic solution will help strengthen America’s drug manufacturing independence and ensure critical supply of medicines to patients.


About Quartic.ai 
Quartic.ai is a technology company based in Toronto, Ontario, and San Jose, California with a development centre in Bengaluru, India. Quartic.ai provides AI enabled solutions specific for life sciences industry to enable pipeline acceleration, tech transfer, Qbd (Quality by Design), CPV (Continued Process Verification), RTR (Real-time-release) and continuous manufacturing. Its flagship product, the Quartic Platform, accelerates the adoption of Industry 4.0 for process manufacturing practitioners to develop and deploy their own AI and IIoT-based solutions. The Quartic Platform was recognized with the 2019 Pharma Innovation Award for Pharma 4.0.

For more information, contact Quartic.ai at 1-866-QUARTIC or visit http://www.Quartic.ai.

About Bright Path Labs 
Bright Path Labs is a pharmaceutical innovation company focused on reducing drug development cycle times and direct scaling of manufacturing processes for drug substance commercialization. The company deploys its cutting-edge, proprietary continuous-flow reactor technology for chemical synthetic route optimization using green chemistry and then offers development, clinical, and high throughput commercial production applications augmented with advanced closed-loop control for continual process verification.

For more information, contact Bright Path Labs at 1-317-997-0907 or visit http://www.BrightPathLabs.com.