Ripple Science Announces Initiatives for Clinical Research Teams During COVID

Ripple Science is providing six months of free access for teams working on COVID-19 trials and the first study free for research teams working remotely

Ripple Science today announced new initiatives to help clinical researchers continue their work through COVID-19. Many clinical trial teams are working remotely and have paused patient visits, forcing teams to do more of their work online. Ripple Science wants to help researchers continue their research during this uncertain time by giving research teams free access to Ripple for their first study. For those working on COVID-19 trials directly, the company is providing six months of access to Ripple free of charge.

Ripple is a web-based platform designed for clinical research teams who want a secure and streamlined way to recruit, manage, and retain patients for trials. Ripple is a purpose-built CRM and project manager which organizes clinical trial recruiting and research efforts, leading to valuable time and cost savings. Debi Gross, Community Outreach Director for Stony Brook University’s autism initiative, stated, “The fact that Ripple is web-based is a game-changer for us… The time between when participants contact us to enrolling them in a study seems a lot shorter and quicker.”

Peter Falzon, President and CEO of Ripple Science, commented, “We are committed to supporting research teams to work remotely and communicate with patients differently in response to COVID-19. Our customers have been telling us what they need and how Ripple helps, and we are responding to their needs by accelerating feature updates and expanding access.”

In the upcoming weeks, Ripple Science will release features aligned to even better support the initiatives of researchers working in this new paradigm.

About Ripple Science: Ripple Science accelerates clinical research with its secure, HIPAA-compliant suite of tools. By adapting sales and marketing automation to the process of patient recruitment, Ripple helps our customers recruit more participants faster and reduces patient loss to poor follow-up. Ripple Science’s flagship product, Ripple, is used by research investigators at more than 100 academic and research centers around the world, including Johns Hopkins University, Pennsylvania State University, University of California Los Angeles, the Brain Research Foundation Canada, University of East Anglia (UK), Cognito Therapeutics (Boston, MA) and the University of Michigan.

Ripple Science Logo

Ripple Science Logo

The fact that Ripple is web-based is a game changer for us.