RXA Acquires Utah-Based Business Intelligence Services Firm, Yapa Group

Acquisition adds experienced members and new clients.

RXA, a leader in applied artificial intelligence and analytics allowing companies to make smarter, faster decisions, announced it has completed its purchase of Yapa Group. As a big data and analytics consulting firm, Yapa Group brings experienced team members and new clients to RXA.

Yapa Group is a Domo consulting partner best known for assisting Domo’s clients with implementation, gathering, transforming, and visualizing data to create actionable insights to respond to their business needs. Yapa Group team members have worked with companies in a wide variety of industries, including global ride sharing, consumer appliance manufacturing, and entertainment and media.

This addition of deep industry knowledge enables RXA to efficiently assist an expanded variety of clientele. In addition, the Yapa Group contributes deep technical expertise in creating connectors to third party data sources, transforming data via Python scripts, and building predictive models, adding to the already diverse skill set of RXA’s consulting and data science teams.

“The acquisition of Yapa Group aligns well to our overall growth strategy and emphasizes our commitment to our Domo partnership and to all Domo customers. It strengthens our client roster and adds technical and business expertise all while aligning to our company culture,” said Tom Stanek, president, RXA. “RXA has welcomed the new Yapa Group team members to an already advanced and growing team of technology consultants and data scientists solidifying our expertise in this fast-paced industry.”

The strong cultural fit of the two organizations has allowed the teams to align as they go through the integration process. The Yapa Group team brings deep knowledge and experience supporting Domo, allowing the two teams to collaborate on numerous projects. These synergies eliminate the need for extensive on-boarding and training and allow Yapa Group to make an immediate impact on RXA and its customers.

“The purchase of Yapa Group by RXA will allow both companies to continue to provide value to the data consulting industry. Having both RXA and Yapa Group employees working on projects together increases the value both teams can offer to the combined customer base,” said Richard Carey, CEO, Yapa Group.

About RXA 
RXA is a leading applied artificial intelligence and data science company founded in 2016 in Ann Arbor, MI. RXA has a diverse portfolio of services and solutions such as being a leading DOMO implementation and consulting firm, customized artificial intelligence kick-start programs, RXA Studio to support the development of new products and companies and proprietary solutions such as Media Optimization, Voice of Customer, and Workforce Optimization to help organizations improved their ROI and decision making while streamline operations.


RXA’s solutions are currently being leveraged by over 70 different customers across North America and Europe. RXA has been named the 2019 Innovative Partner of the Year by Domo, Inc.

About Yapa Group 
Yapa Group is a data consulting firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The firm was a registered Domo consulting partner, assisting Domo’s clients with utilizing the platform to create the greatest business impact with their data. This includes assistance connecting with data, engineering data, and creating cultural shifts to ensure widespread adoption. Yapa Group works with clientele from a wide variety of industries, including media & entertainment and consumer goods manufacturing, on a global scale.

Website: http://www.rxa.io 
Twitter: @RXAio 
LinkedIn: company/rxa.io

Two former members of Yapa Group, (L) Mitchell Moody, now Manager, Business Intelligence, RXA and (R) Matt Moench, now Sr. Director, Business Intelligence, RXA.

“The acquisition of Yapa Group aligns well to our overall growth strategy and emphasizes our commitment to our Domo partnership and to all Domo customers,” said Tom Stanek, president, RXA.

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