Salt Athletics Launches Extreme Performance Room At World Gym Pensacola Featuring Rogue Echo Bikes

World Gym Pensacola is the first fitness center in America to launch an Extreme Performance Room featuring Salt Athletics patent-pending scientific wellness platform.

World Gym Pensacola is pleased to announce the addition of an Extreme Performance Room from Salt Athletics to their new 13,000 square foot facility. Salt Athletics features a patent-pending scientific wellness program that delivers a “stack” of advanced wellness protocols into a single 30-minute session.

Extreme Performance Rooms are designed for people who are looking to burn more calories, train for endurance sports, or simply increase their athletic performance in a signficant manner. World Gym members who join Salt Athletics will now have access to the Extreme Performance Room. The Extreme Performance Room is loaded with brand new HIIT Rogue Echo bikes as well as immersive video. Each Salt Athletics experience has complete coverage Mito Red Light systems installed, as well as Salt Titan Halo Generators (dry salt therapy). During each session users will receive a unique combination of deep red light 660nm and near infrared light 850nm therapy and salt inhalation therapy. Additional components of each Salt Athletics Extreme Performance Room at World Gym Pensacola include oxygen concentrators and negative ion generators. Each Salt Athletics Extreme Perfomance session begins with a glass of ionized water, and at the completion of each session each member receives a fresh glass of carrot, apple and celery juice made on-demand in a centrifugal juicer to deliver active enzymes.

World Gym Pensacola owner Ed Weihenmayer, who has owned and operated commercial fitness centers for 30-years said he searched out the most innovative new fitness technology in the industry. “ Today’s fitness center customers are looking for something that will give them an advantage in their training regiment. They want to look better, feel better, and perform better. the Salt Athletics Extreme Performance Room delivers in a way no other cardio based training system in the industry can. There simply is no fitness program in the world that can benefit the human body as much as the Salt Athletics Extreme Performance Room delivers to our members in each 30 minute session.”

The Salt Athletic patent pending application of exercise, red light, and halotherapy can help improve the respiratory system, increase VO2max, speeds recovery time healing muscles and ligament sprains, boost cell production, boost liver function, improves metabolism, regenerates blood, combats depression, speeds skin repair, and increases mitochondria which gives us more energy.” Pensacola residents 18- and older are entitled to one free Salt Athletics session at World Gym Pensacola, located at 7166 N 9th Ave, Pensacola, Florida 32504.

Salt Athletics is a division of HaloTherapy Center, LLC, and currently has 3 separate patents pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. “Salt Athletics is pleased to have a significant presence in the new World Gym Pensacola location and the opening of their new Extreme Performance Room is an important milestone for their members and the community,” said John Brier, Managing Partner of Salt Athletics. “Extreme Performance Rooms are portable, easy to set up, and come in sizes from 8’x8’ up to 20’x20’ or larger if needed. Custom graphics are also available making an Extreme Performance Room from Salt Athletics a logical addition to any existing ftiness center”, added Brier.

The positive effects of Salt Athletics on top-tier athletes is starting to get noticed on the national stage. “When competing as an athlete at a high-level extending the capabilities of your body to perform at a peak-level is a game-changer in terms of individual and team performance,” said Rich DeCaprio, General Manager and Head Coach of the Boston Junior Rangers hockey team. “I look forward to working with Salt Athletics in the near future in order to give our team and our players the opportunity to perform longer at peak capacity while on the ice.” The Boston Junior Rangers are currently ranked #1 in the country for USA Hockey Tier III Junior Hockey.

Salt Athletics is currently licensing their patent-pending scientific wellness system to fitness centers and wellness centers nationally. Protected territories are available. Salt Athletics allows fitness and wellness centers to increase membership levels by attracting new customers, drive new revenue from existing customers, and to provide comprehensive fitness and wellness activities to their members.


Contact Information: 
Ed Weihenmayer 
World Gym Pensacola 
7166 N. 9th Avenue Pensacola, FL 32504 
Tel. 850.346.4787

John Brier 
HaloTherapy Center, LLC

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