Sedation Dentistry of Charleston Provides Virtually Painless Dentistry to Charleston, SC with IV Sedation

Sedation Dentistry of Charleston offers patients virtually painless dentistry through IV sedation. Administered directly into the bloodstream, IV Sedation has almost instant amnesic effects, helping patients in Charleston, SC relieve dental anxiety.

Dr. Robert Carimi of Sedation Dentistry of Charleston helps ease patient dental anxiety and achieve nearly painless dentistry through IV sedation. Because administration requires additional training, many general dentists do not become certified to offer sedation dentistry. However, Dr. Carimi has undergone extensive hospital training to receive the certification needed to administer IV sedation at his Charleston, SC practice. Additionally, he and his team regularly attend continuing education courses to stay at the leading edge of sedation dentistry.

Dental anxiety causes millions of Americans to avoid visits to the dentist, often for years at a time. Dental anxiety can arise from a variety of concerns, including worries of pain or a negative previous dental experience. IV sedation provides significant relief for patients who experience dental anxiety.

Delivered directly into the bloodstream, IV sedation works quickly. It leaves patients with little to no memory of the procedure, allowing patients to experience virtually painless dentistry. Because it is administered intravenously, Dr. Carimi can administer other medication through the IV as well when needed. IV sedation offers complete relaxation, helping patients feel as though they slept through the entire visit. After IV sedation, patients will require a ride home to ensure their complete safety.

Dr. Carimi works carefully with every patient to confirm that they are suitable for IV sedation before moving forward. If IV sedation is not the best option, he offers additional sedation dentistry options such as oral sedation and nitrous oxide.

Those looking to experience painless dentistry in Charleston, SC or surrounding areas are welcome to contact Sedation Dentistry of Charleston. To schedule an IV sedation appointment with Dr. Carimi, visit or call the office at 843-471-1677.

About the Dentist 
Sedation Dentistry of Charleston offers trusted, comprehensive dental care from one convenient location in Charleston, SC. Dr. Robert Carimi earned his dental degree from the University of Tennessee and has been practicing dentistry for over a decade. A member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, Dr. Carimi engages in ongoing continuing education to provide patients with the latest advances in dentistry including modern dental implant solutions, custom crowns and bridges and transformative Digital Smile Design technology. The team at Sedation Dentistry of Charleston strives to ease all patients who suffer from dental anxiety, and takes pride in offering an inviting, comfortable environment for every treatment. Sedation Dentistry of Charleston offers IV sedation in-house as well as complimentary nitrous oxide to all new patients. To learn more about Dr. Carimi and the services offered at Sedation Dentistry of Charleston visit or call 843-471-1677.

Dr. Robert Carimi, Sedation Dentist in Charleston, SC

Dr. Robert Carimi Provides Virtually Painless Dentistry through IV Sedation in Charleston, SC


IV sedation offers complete relaxation, helping patients feel as though they slept through the entire visit.