September is National Head Lice Prevention Month!

The National Pediculosis Association Reminds Parents, School Administrators and Health Professionals To Provide a Non-Chemical Choice on Head Lice For Children, Families, and Yourself!

Children of any age or size are vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides. They also often have pregnant or nursing mothers who should never be exposed to chemical treatments either by applying them to themselves or to others.To many people unfortunately overuse chemical agents out of fear and frustration without adequate warning of the risks to themselves and the environment. “Children’s exposures to pesticides should be limited as much as possible.”

Each of us has unique vulnerabilities. Pesticide products can accumulate in the human body and they are not necessarily washed away at the end of the treatment, as people would like to think. The overuse of lice products can predispose a person to adverse reactions with even one additional chemical exposure. It’s not worth taking unnecessary risks when the bottom line will always be the manual removal of lice and nits.

None of the available chemical treatments are 100% effective and too many people are told to seek prescriptions after other treatments fail. Prescriptions then become the most potentially harmful treatment of them all! Pesticides pose a risk to all children, and none are more at risk than the growing number treated for illnesses and/or on medication.

Everyone needs a safe non-chemical way to screen, detect, and thoroughly remove head lice and their eggs (nits). To serve these purposes, the National Pediculosis Association sponsors National Head Lice Prevention Month each September to last the whole year long. The NPA developed and recommends the LiceMeister┬« comb to accomplish its mission. Visit http://www.HeadLice.organd for more help and information.