Service Objects Uses Its Proprietary Data to Deliver Enhanced COVID-19 Case Data

Enhanced data allows Data Scientists to quickly identify trends to combat the deadly virus

Service Objects, the leading provider of real-time global contact validation APIs, announced today that it has built an enhanced dataset of COVID-19 cases nationwide to assist in identifying trends that could help combat this deadly virus. This dataset is immediately available free of charge on the Service Objects website and will be updated on a regular basis.

The current data provided by Johns Hopkins University is missing key elements for scientists that study COVID-19. In response to this, Service Objects is using its authoritative data quality services to dedupe, cleanse and append over 200 additional data points to significantly enhance the case data. Examples of data points appended include county population, county size, density, climate, age distribution and various other data elements.

Like a number of companies across the U.S., Service Objects was quick to recognize the critical need for a clean and enhanced dataset for researchers and data scientists to analyze and to make informed decisions on. Providing accurate location intelligence and geographic data, a key ingredient in this enhanced COVID-19 dataset, is what Service Objects does best.

“The COVID-19 crisis is challenging all businesses to leverage their core competencies to pitch in and help in any way they can,” said Founder and CEO Geoff Grow. “Service Objects embraces our social responsibility and recognizes we are in a unique position to help due to our superior data. We are all in this together and we are committed to providing researchers the data they need to model the progression of this outbreak.”

This COVID-19 dataset can be downloaded free of chargein CSV format from our web site. Questions regarding this dataset can be sent to [email protected].

About Service Objects 
Founded in 2001, Service Objects is the leading provider of contact validation solutions, validating online transactions in real-time, including contact name, address, phone, email, and device. Using Service Objects’ global validation and location web services, businesses can identify potentially fraudulent contact records, append additional contact information, and process transactions in a more efficient manner. Service Objects has validated over 4 billion contacts, and major brands such as American Express, LendingTree, and Amazon rely on Service Objects for their data validation needs. For more information about Service Objects’ real-time web services, contact [email protected]

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“We are all in this together and we are committed to providing researchers the data they need to model the progression of this outbreak.” – Geoff Grow, CEO, Service Objects.