Shoreline Biome to Attend and Sponsor 2019 PacBio Users Group Meeting

Shoreline Biome kits generate the long amplicon required to discriminate microbial strains on PacBio Sequel systems

Shoreline Biome, a Connecticut-based microbiome research company that develops tools for characterizing microbiome populations down to the strain level, today announced that the company will attend and sponsor the 2019 PacBio Users Group Meeting North America (UGM).

The UGM is a two-day event that features in-depth discussions on Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing used in PacBio’s long-read sequencing platforms. It will be held September 25–26, 2019, at the University of Delaware’s Clayton Conference Center in Newark, Delaware.

Shoreline Biome develops multiple sample prep kits, de-multiplexing software and a highly curated reference database for use with PacBio Sequel sequencing systems, including the Shoreline Complete StrainID kit and the Shoreline Complete V1–V9 kit. The kits are the key to generating the long amplicon required to discriminate microbial strains on PacBio Sequel systems. Shoreline Biome’s SBanalyzer software demultiplexes up to 112 samples and maximizes usable reads. It is powered by Shoreline’s Athena database that enables both strain identification and characterization of novel strains using an intuitive, analytical tool with an easy to use point-and-click interface.

Attendees of the UGM will: 

  • Discover the ways that their peers are using SMRT Sequencing to power their research
  • Have an opportunity to hear about success stories and workflow best practices
  • Engage with PacBio staff
  • Enjoy a networking reception

To learn more about the UGM or to register, visit For the full agenda, visit

About Shoreline Biome: 
Characterizing the human microbiome and analyzing its role in human health and disease are priority goals for researchers around the world. Shoreline Biome accelerates breakthroughs in microbiome research by developing transformative discovery tools that characterize microbiome populations down to the strain level. With Shoreline Biome products, all it takes is three easy steps: lyse, purify, and amplify. Shoreline Biome’s easy-to-use companion analysis software and comprehensive reference database enables straightforward strain-level identification and quantitation of all bacteria in the sample. To learn more, visit

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