SoundWater Technologies announces features in newly released 2020 Orcas Portable Flowmeter

Designed for speed and ease, the Orcas Flowmeter delivers measurements in under one minute

SoundWater Technologies, LLC announced immediate availability of the new 2020 Orcas Portable Flowmeter, which is designed for speed and ease, delivering measurements in under one minute. The newly enhanced features, driven by customer feedback, will help users get more accurate data, faster, and with less hassle.

“We’re excited about delivering an even better tool to our customers,” said Jeff Peery, CEO and Founder of SoundWater Technologies. “The new 2020 Orcas Portable Flowmeter delivers quick, accurate results that saves our customers time and money.”

In addition to the many advantages and features already a part of the Orcas Portable Flowmeter, SoundWater has enhanced data logging, storage security, measurement stability and added features to help with an even faster installation. 

  • Enhanced Data Logging – Customers can record up to 365 days of flow and totalizer measuring up to 12,228 measurements. Data is now stored in a non-volatile external memory with rated 20-year retention.
  • Enhanced Totalizer Backup – All totalizer measurements are stored in a 512 point circular buffer, with rated 20-year non-volatile data retention, unique identifier and CRC for assuring data integrity. And, a two-year data logger operates silently in the background of every flowmeter, recording measurements every two hours.
  • Measurement Stability Enhancement – New enhancement to our Reciprocity Hardware assures your measurement will not drift overtime, and alleviates the need for on-site calibration, or annual calibration. This gives customers confidence that they are always getting an accurate measurement.
  • Lifted Orcas Above the Pipe – We have added clearance between the Orcas flowmeter and pipe to allow for irregularities, fittings, and enhanced visibility of the transducers – for faster installation.

“I love how much time I save with SoundWater’s Orcas flowmeter – it is so fast and easy to use,” shares Pete Valdez, the Electrical Superintendent at Agri-Valley Irrigation, LLC in Fresno, California. “I’m looking forward to what SoundWater comes up with next.”

The 2020 Orcas Portable Flowmeter is designed for speed and ease, helping customers get accurate data quickly. 
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SoundWater Orcas Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

I love how much time I save with SoundWater’s Orcas flowmeter – it is so fast and easy to use.