Synagro’s John Uzupis Elected President of Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association

John Uzupis, Director, Technical Services, Synagro, Has Been Elected President of Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association

Synagro Technologies, Inc., the preeminent provider of biosolids and residuals solutions services in North America, is proud to announce John Uzupis, director, Technical Services, Synagro, has been elected president of Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association (MABA).

The MABA is a professional organization committed to the optimal management of biosolids in the Mid-Atlantic region. Its mission is for biosolids to be recognized everywhere as a valuable community resource.

“John is the government’s go-to-guy for understanding phosphorus and responsibly recycling biosolids so this honor comes as no surprise,” said Matt Robertson, chief commercial officer, Synagro. “He has overall responsibility for directing land base management for biosolids, food, water treatment and pulp and paper residuals, and for regulatory compliance for beneficial reuse of residual products with federal, state and local agencies.

Uzupis holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Resource Management from the Pennsylvania State University. He is a Certified Nutrient Management Specialist in the State of Pennsylvania and a Board member of the Virginia Biosolids Council.

About Synagro

Founded in 1986, Synagro Technologies, Inc. works to turn waste into worth by helping more than 600 municipal and industrial water and wastewater facilities in North America move toward safer, cleaner and more environmentally beneficial practices. For some, it’s simply cleaning the water supply. For others, it’s much more – we partner with them to process their waste for compost or energy pellets, creating healthy soil and sequestering carbon in the process. As the largest recycler of organic by-products in North America, we’re trusted because we remove risks while keeping the logistics clean. Because our expertise is the oldest in the business, we can offer tailored solutions that ensure no waste goes to waste. Much of our work isn’t pretty. But a greener world emerging from a cleaner one – worth coming from waste – and we think that’s pretty beautiful. Visit to learn more.

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John is the government’s go-to-guy for understanding phosphorus and responsibly recycling biosolids.