The Conference Forum Announces Tasso Wins DPharm Idol Disrupt 2019 for Patient-Centric Blood Sampling Kits

Conference Forum announces that Tasso takes the top prize for a presentation on scalable, patient-centric blood sampling kits that seek to minimize patient burden in blood sampling for clinical trials at the 2019 DPharm conference.

Tasso was announced the winner of DPharm Idol Disrupt at the 9th annual DPharm: Disrupting Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials Conference. Tasso has a service that provides patient centric blood-sampling kits for use by participants in clinical trials. Tasso’s goal is to eliminate the need for site visits, and to lower the costs and inconvenience associated with traditional blood sampling methods. Tasso aims to provide a clinical trial participant a ready made kit for blood sampling with easy to understand instructions for at-home self blood sampling, much of the patient burden for gathering blood data is eliminated.

Tasso had six minutes to present their aims in disrupting the current paradigm of clinical trials, and pitch their product to DPharm’s esteemed panel of judges, which consisted of:

Sandra Freeman 
GCO U.S. Director, MAO Supported Studies, Johnson & Johnson

Cindy Geoghegan 
Cancer Veteran and Patient Advocate

Hassan Kadhim 
Director, Head of Clinical Trial Business Capabilities, BMS

Ülo Palm, MD, PhD, 
SVP and Head, Digital Science, Allergan

Douglas Schantz 
Executive Director, Development Operations, Astrazeneca


Jessica Scott, MD, JD, 
Head of R&D Patient Engagement, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Mark Travers, PhD, MBA, 
VP, HEad of GCTO REgions, Monitoring Excellence, Global Operations, Merck & Co

Whereas in previous DPharm Idols judges have deliberated for upwards of two hours, this years deliberation took only twenty minutes. Judges were taken by the ease of use, potential cost savings, and potential to radically change the methodology by which blood sampling is conducted in clinical trials. When asked to elaborate on their reasoning the judges stated:

”Tasso’s blood draw product impressed the DPharm Idol judges because it lay one more building block in the journey towards decentralizing clinical trials by enabling the collection of blood samples in an easy and seamless manner from the patient’s home. The potential combination of Tasso’s blood sample collection device with digital tools makes the promise of bringing the trial to the patient much closer to reality and it adds one more tool in the arsenal to enable patient centric clinical trials for the immediate future and beyond.”

The judges further stated that the length of time taken for them to deliberate in no way indicated that it was an easy decision and in fact gave TrialScout a big shout out for their second runner up. By all accounts, Tasso had strong competition from the other presenters which included:

Irfan Khan, MD, CEO

Mika Newton, CEO

Shimmer Research 
Geoff Gill, President

Vangelis Vergetis, PhD, Co-Founder 
Kim Walpole, Founder and CEO

DPharm Idol is the signature event that took place at the 9th annual iteration of DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials. DPharm, organized by the Conference Forum, reports on industry and out of industry innovation and how to change the paradigm of clinical trials to reduce the burden to patients and investigators, streamline processes and ultimately get therapeutics to patients faster. DPharm connects pharma, biotech, clinical research partners, as well as patient advocacy to inspire and encourage the most innovative technologies and ideas in clinical trials and drug development. Mark your calendars for next year’s event, which will be held September 22-23, 2020 in Boston.

About the Conference Forum 
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About Tasso: 
Tasso is about creating a patient centric clinical trial experience through the use of its innovative and ergonomic at-home blood sampling kits. (Early access partnership with Merck, and registering with the FDA next week, have secured 14 million in funding since founding Tasso) For more information visit

DPharm Idol Disrupt Judging panel with winner, Dr Ben Casavant, Tasso.