The Financial Services Network Wins the Kolbe Enterprise Award

Kolbe Corp announced The Financial Services Network, based in Sacramento, California, as the 2019 Enterprise Award winner for Conative Excellence on Oct. 24. The award recognizes The Network for their positive culture, focused on using instinctive strengths and their impact on employees, clients, partners and community.

The Financial Services Network (The Network) started as a study group and is now known as a thought leader in supporting independent financial advisors. In recognition of the company’s positive impact and culture, Kolbe Corp has awarded The Network with the 2019 Conative Excellence Enterprise Award. The Sacramento-based firm received the award Oct. 24 at Conation Nation Symposium—the authoritative conference dedicated to the science of instinctive strengths and human achievement.

“Kolbe is a powerful tool for helping our clients,” says Daxs Stadjuhar, Managing Partner and Chief Compliance Officer. “That’s why a segment of our partnership includes helping clients discover their Kolbe A™ Index to vitalize their practice and improve efficiency.”

“The Financial Services Network is more than a financial services organization,” said David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp. “They are fully committed to leveraging the power of conation in their people and processes.” The Financial Services Network has used Kolbe for over 5 years at all levels within the organization. Engaging with Kolbe since 2014, they now have five Kolbe Certified™ Consultants, representing their commitment to providing clear, practical advice by better understanding the unique strengths of their affiliates. The Network utilizes Kolbe wisdom to work more efficiently with their internal team, as well as provide coaching to the advisors with whom they partner.

About The Financial Services Network

The Financial Services Network comprises a highly specialized group of business, investment and compliance professionals dedicated to serving the needs of an elite community of independent financial advisors. United by a common bond of excellence and sharing the desire to elevate their practices, its advisors partner with The Financial Services Network in the pursuit of growth, efficiency, acquisition strategies and seamless succession plans. 
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About Kolbe Corp

Since 1977, Kolbe Corp’s mission is to help people succeed by having the freedom to be themselves. More than one million individuals have completed Kolbe assessments to better understand their conative strengths – natural instincts that govern action and achievement. Thousands of employers use Kolbe Corp’s assessments and consulting services to build and grow more productive, effective and engaged teams.


Kolbe Corp’s flagship online assessment, the Kolbe A™ Index, is used by individuals around the world, including certified consultants in 34 countries, to understand their natural strengths. It is the most powerful assessment of its kind with proven reliability and validity. Its diverse users include academic thought-leaders, organizational theoreticians and practitioners in the business, non-profit and public sectors.

Representatives from The Financial Services Network receive the Kolbe Enterprise Award with David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp.

Kolbe helps vitalize [our clients’] practice and improve efficiency.